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What a crazy busy week I’ve had! I love travelling and experiencing new places – but I always underestimate how much I have to catch up when I get home (and the laundry is still not caught up…)

While I was in Barcelona I got a new niece. My brother and his lady had the cutest little girl – who is going to be called Sofie (Or Fie, for short:-)).

Yesterday I finally had the time to go visit with them (it’s a 2 hour drive each way, so it’s not something you do after working till 8 pm)

My brother and sister-in-law had asked me to make a new cover for the breastfeeding pillow (shown both when flat and in action.-), so I did, and also made matching baby trousers (from MiniKrea 10400). They took me 35 minutes to make – and that’s including tracing the pattern (only one piece..)!! I didn’t have enough fabric to cut it on fold, but I just did a centre front seam as well, and it was so very fast.

I also had made the green cardigan and some hats for her.(Click the smaller pics for a larger size)

But the most important thing was that I finally got to meet her. She is so adorable!

P.S. I have a Pattern for kids bundle sale over at my shop. I have made pattern packages for boys, girls and one especially for newborns. Go have a look and see if there’s something you’d like..


Vacation in Provence was wonderful. Just wonderful. The weather was very very nice (30 – 35 degrees C (around 85 – 95 F)) Which is perfect when you have been cold all spring and longing for sun and have rented a house with a lovely pool.

We all wore tons of sunscreen and nobody got in serious fights with anybody (I don’t know if I told you, but we were having this vacation with my father and his wife and my brother and his girlfriend and her kids and my sister. I’ve never lived with any of them, except for the occasional week-end, so it was an experiment!)

I went looking for Yarn and fabric stores and in Brignoles (which is a small-ish town quite close to where we lived) I found two. Well. The first one was an all yarn store. They had a lot of acrylic in harsh colours and I didn’t get anything. I did get my picture taken in front of it though.

The second store was called a sewing store, but mostly had yarn. I only spotted 5 rolls of fabric. The yarn was nicer (Begerac de France and Katia) but I didn’t get any. I was tempted by some very nice Bergerac de France in a soft brown for a baby sweater (it was in a kit) but the price was too high!

Knitting wise I did get some stuff done. I had packed the cardigan for Carla and wanted to finish it while in France. Only I was so stupid. I had forgotten to pack extra skeins of yarn – so I could only knit as far as the skein went.

I worked on my Colour Affection in the car when we were driving to France. When we got there I got second thought about the colour combination. I don’t think there is enough contrast between the colours. What do you think? Should I frog? What colour(s) should I choose to go with the blue/teal yarn?

I also got some work done on the baby cardi – and my sister-in-law said she loved the colour and is looking forward to use it for her new baby..

I didn’t do any sewing as such (naturally, as I didn’t bring any with me) but I did get ideas for patterns to design and did drawings etc.

But basicly – I was in France to relax and enjoy my family and the lovely weather and the dinners in quaint Provencial town squares – so that’s what I did most of the time.

{Driving through mountains with the kids + swimming in Lac Croix + Enjoying dinner with the husband + drinking a glass (or two) of rosé wine = Lovely vacation}

Now I’m back - recharged and ready to work. I’ve been sewing prototypes for the last couple of days, trying to get ready for photo-shooting sometimes next week.




On Thursday afternoon last week, my voice started sounding weird. Like I had screamed a lot with out using the right technique or something like that. I have had voice coaching professionally and I know that I take good care of it, so I didn’t understand what had happened.. Then at night I started to feel like I was having a fever.

Both my son and husband has been dealing with throat inflammation over the last couple of weeks. My son was rather seriously ill, with high temperature over the course of a week, and he ended up having to go to the hospital for some tests (conclusion: it’s a virus – meaning nobody knows). So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I had caught the same thing.

But very bad day for it to happen – on Friday I was meeting the students that will be my first graders next school year, and I needed to be there – and to talk to them (sort of lay down my borders for acceptable behaviour from the beginning). So I took some pills to get the fever down, went to work, but had to get the help of my 6 graders to translate what I was whispering. After a long day, I went home, placed myself on the couch and haven’t left it much since.

The males of the household are very nice and are taking good care of me. But I quickly get to a point when I feel ill, when I’m bored out of my mind. And fever combined with boredom = Startitis.

{Color Madness, finished Buzzbees, Light pink ShortRow cardi, green 5-hour baby sweater}

So far I’ve finished the two Buzzbee hats, begun working on another short row cardigan for my friends daughter, selected yarn and cast on a Color Affection shawl, and settled for and cast on a baby sweater for my brother’s October baby. I haven’t knit a stitch on my owls, but picked up the Dragonfly socks, which have been in hibernation since last summer, and figured out how it had become that neglected: Something had been going wrong with the heel. So I frogged the heel, reknit it, and now I think it’s ready to come with me to France.

I am feeling better now and will return to work tomorrow. I have even sewed a bit – I am getting to a finishing point on the skirt design (the pockets have been teasing me – it’s difficult to find the perfect shape).  I hope to release the pattern in the end of July

While I was sick the cats kept me company on the couch – now they are back in the basket

{That’s Pippi on the left (her tongue sticking out:-) and Knirke on the right. Pippi was named after her peep-ing sound she made as a kitten, Knirke was squeaking (Knirke meaning squeaker)… They named themselves}


This was supposed to be an FO (finished object) post – but it turned into a UFO (Unfinished object, naturally).

I had finshed knitting this sweater on May 1st. Then it just sat on my dress form while I contemplated weaving in ends and blocking it. Because – there was something wrong with the upper back. It was poofy.

{It *was* almost done. It's not anymore..}

Well. Since I’m not one who considers frogging if there is any chance I might get around it, I decided I would try to finish it and block it, and then have a look.

So before going to see Tini, I got it done and I brought it with me. But it was still poofy.

So, as you can hear in the latest episode of the podcast, Tini convinced me to frog it. Well. What we did, was that Tini inserted a cirkular needle around the bottom of the yoke, cut the yarn below it, and then we started unravelling.

Since I had spit spliced the yarn as I was knitting it, I ended up with a giant yarn ball


And this is what I have now:

{A yoke (with owls), two sleeves and a lot of yarn!}

I am supposed to try to knit down from here – and really, it should be fairly quick (and this time I’ll move the decreases and increases to the side). I just don’t feel like knitting on this right now.

In stead I finished these:

{Vanilla boot socks. Mindless knitting}

P.S. I am also sewing. But mostly muslins for my new pattern designs, so not much to show…






WNRIP (Work Not Really In Progress)

SO. Can you tell the spring break is over? That school is back in full swing and that there are extra meetings and courses? I can!

This past week has been filled with teaching, an obligatory week-end  course for teachers (in which I had planned on getting a lot of knitting done, but had forgotten to bring extra skeins, so ran out of yarn after two hours), parent-teacher meetings (and there are more to come tomorrow), administrative shopwork (which I like), instruction writing and not much sewing or knitting at all.

Hence the title – since I’m not really making progress on anything.

But here’s what I’d like to work on if I had a minute or two:

{Owl sweater - but still with out any owls..}

Finish the Owl sweater. It’s been sitting there forever, and really, I just need to sit down for half an hour and knit. Maybe this week-end..

{My shirt-muslin.. I think.}

Finish my we-will-probably-consider-it-a-muslin of my ONION 2015 shirt dress. I’ve made my first version as a shirt – to check out the fit and the  look – especially of the self drafted collar. I was going for a more blouse-y collar style, but I think I want it to be a little bit smaller – and less pointy.

I have however been buying fabric (if you can’t sew, shop):


{Blue/cream Butterfly printed cotton voilé. Wrinkled from wear:-) }


{Light rose and blue-grey striped cotton jersey in a lovely medium weight quality}

I am wearing both as scarves. Today I’m wearing the striped fabric. It’s 150 cm x 160 cm and I just folded it into a triangle and wrapped it around my neck a few times. Instant wearable stuff from fabric (HINT: you can do it with stash fabric as well :-)). At some point the fabric will probably be turned cut and sewed into something like a dress or t-shirt. And the butterfly voilé will probably be a blouse – but for now it’s a lovely summer-y scarf.

I got to knit a bit more on the owl sweater yesterday while at meetings, and I am ready to knit the owls over the week-end. I also  hope to get some sewing done – and to tissue-fit my Minoru jacket.

But for now, I have teaching to do and more meetings this afternoon and evening. I’m thankful that week-end is approaching!

Happy Thursday! :-)




We ended up getting a good deal on a lovely 1 week long trip to Cape Verde. So I escaped the last of the holiday frenzy and here I am. Enjoying the Sun, reading an awful lot of crime fiction (i am on my 6th book this morning), eating, sleeping and even knitting a bit. It’s lovely and de-stressing!



Yes! It is done!

And more importantly - I love it!

{Not a good picture, but Dennis snapped it when I got home, just before the sun went down and it was too dark to get any pics}

I wore it today (all though I haven’t blocked it yet, and it does need to be blocked) because it was cold and grey this morning and I felt like wearing a silky hug. So I did:-)

This is a top-down boat neck jumper that I have made in Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend on 7 mm needles. The tension is 13.5 st/21 rows to 10 x 10 cm and I cast on 34 st for front, 34 st for the back, 12 for each sleeve for the wide boatneck, then did a basic top-down raglan. No shaping, except for a few short rows at the upper back.

The colour is coming out wrong in the pictures. It’s a much more green-ish teal.

Another pic (not of chickens today:-)):

{Oh I do love it. So I had to do a mirror pic:-)}

And you can read more about this project H E R E [open ravelry link].


So it’s time to evaluate the red yarn.

The colour is very close to perfect. Which would be great.

But I wasn’t thinking when I threw myself head over heels into this dyeing adventure. This will not come as a surprise to those of you who know me well – I tend to get ideas and act on them straight away, when sometimes it might have worked better had I stopped to think about it….

The thing is. The colour is near perfection. But the yarn weight is still wrong.

{The colour is impossible to get on camera. Trust me when I say it's perfect..}

While a lot of shawls knit up great in sock yarn – I had forgot to think about that this project has you hold the yarn double  most of the time – making it aran weight when using sock yarn. And this design really needs something a bit more elegant.

I did swatches of the pattern with this yarn, and then decided to do a swatch in which I combined two of the other red yarns.

{Again - it's really hard to get the colour right. These are the yarns I'm going with}

And I sort of really like it knit up. Also. One of the yarns has silk in it.

So I think I made my decision. I’m making a poppy shawl.

P.S. I’m also still working at my boatneck jumper. I’m almost at the waist.

Where I’m at..

or Wednesday’s Works in Progress.

Well, basicly, I’m at work a lot. And while most of my job is teaching (Danish and English to middleschoolers) I also spend a lot of time at conferences and meetings at at classes.

It's coming along nicely, I think

And that’s where I get most of my knitting done at the moment. I knit when we have teachers-only meetings and when I’m the student at lectures and at conferences.

And the boatneck is coming along. I seperated the sleeves yesterday after work (I couldn’t do that while listening, so I knitted some more on the everlasting grey socks). And I’ll get a lot of knitting time tomorrow, so I hope to move this fast forward.

Sewing-wise: I’m still not done with the 60’s dress. But I only need to sew the facing on and do the hemming. And then a lot of pressing.

The dress. Almost done - just waiting for me to finish it. Soon!

Some evening when I’m not tired I’ll get it all done. (I try to never sew when I’m tired.  I make way too many stupid mistakes when I’m tired. And you can’t frog sewing….).



Done with Finish-itis…

First of all. What a great response to the new shop! Thank you for all the kind e-mails – and for all the orders:-)!

I have been busy, both tending the shop and doing my real job, and this is how far I am on the dress:


Bad ligth picture. Because there need to be one

Yes. It’s been cut out, the darts are sewn and pressed and I’ve sewn and pressed the center back seam and sewn the sleeves to the front and back. Not much sewing time for me this week, but hopefully I’ll get some time this week-end.

It’s Onion 2036 – a 1960’s styled dress, that can be made in both woven and knit fabric. I’m making this version in a rayon-lycra knit with a fabulous retro look.


The line drawing for 2036

While waiting for seams to cool down after pressing them (am I the only one who really hates waiting for that?) I finished the hat I made for my Bonus-dad. It’s now blocked, but it’s still on my table – which is too bad because it’s been chilly this week and he could have put it to good use.

The hat waiting for my bonus-dad

So I did finish something, but now it seems like my Finish-itis is over, because I am filled with new ideas as to what to knit – and first thing I’ve cast on, is going to be a lovely (I hope) boatneck jumper in Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend.

I really hope this is going to work, because last year I attempted to do something similar (The big Epic Knitting Fail) . And while it was lovely and perfect (even the colour!) I ruined it after blocking. I decided to put it in the washer for a spin (after I had handwashed it) and it felted. I cried.

And since then I’ve been afraid to start a new jumper. But now is the time.

The beginning of a beatyful jumper. I hope.

I’m doing a boatneck top down raglan with garter ridges at the neckline, hem and cuffs, I think.

I have more projects I want to cast on, but I’m waiting for the yarn to arrive. I really have a stash that’s way too small:-)

Welcome to Start-itis!