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WoW! It’s June allready! – More Me-Mades

Important notice for anyone who already got the Birgitte Basic Tee: Go download it again! I made a new and prettier better version of the pattern sheet (and so much easier to assemble!) and also updated the instructions.

Well, times flies when you’re having fun – as they say. And I AM having fun. Rambling ahead…

I’m very busy at the moment with translating gigs, drafting for others (getting paid to do so)  and teaching a great big bunch of T-shirt Workshops at night. Not that much time left for my own patterns – not to mention sewing or blogging about it.. (and then of course, there are still days in the fabric store…)


{And then the cat needed surgery – and I did sew: I sewed her a shirt/cape to keep her from biting the stitches – I present: Super Cat}

But I AM having fun! I get to make money talking, writing and drawing about sewing. And that is exactly what I quit my school teaching job for!


{One of the most worn combinations – jeans (or me-made shorts), Me-Made tank top and cardigan. Here at the hairdresser with my hairdressers Zanni (in the US tee) and Belinda}

Anyway. The Me-Made-May. I did a little better than last year in that I actually wore Me-Mades every day of May. But I didn’t do posts about it – or even upload to the Flickr Group – and that was sort of the point. But here is my sum-up:


Yixi, an online acquaintances and long time customers became a RL friend when she visited me in Denmark in May. The crazy eyes/smile is just me being super excited – and not very photogenic… I’m wearing me-made tank top

I wore a lot of me-made t-shirts and tank tops with jeans (not me-made) and shorts. I only wore my wide legged trousers once, and the skirts only appeared a couple of times as well. But my Minoru rain-jacket was a staple throughout May as was all my knit fabric dresses – Especially my Audreys – they were great when I needed something a little more dressy – like when I actually left the office in my house..

So, anyway. I hope you are still here – and I also just want to let you know that I’m in the process of editing all my pattern sheets (finally got a hang on how to fix the width of the lines) to make them prettier, easier to use and a lot easier to assemble. For now I’ve (as I said in the beginning of the post) edited the Birgitte Basic Tee and if you already bought it (in my shop or at you should re-download it. Go ahead!

Me made May 6th – and a modification of the lounge trousers

Monday (MMM day 6) saw me wearing my favourite pair of Laura Lounge Trousers. I haven’t shown them on the blog before – so it’s about time. Especially since these still very comfortable lounge trousers can actually be worn outside the house (For grocery shopping – and they were perfect when I wore them on the plane) – and they are very easy to copy.


I made these trousers in a grey sweatshirt fabric with dark grey ribbing. In short what I did was that I added patch pockets with zippers on top of the side seams, and added cuffs to the hem.

Here’s how:

I used MariaDenmark Laura Lounge Trousers and cut it per the pattern – except I shortened each leg by 3 cm.


For the pockets I cut 2 pieces of 16 cm x 13 cm (converter to imperial can be found here) and 2 pieces of 16 cm x 6 cm (to have two sets for two pockets). I pressed 1 cm under at the top of the large piece and the bottom of the smaller piece so that they now measured 16 cm x 12 cm and 16 cm x 5 cm. I then stitched the zippers in place. (not very straight, though. I considered pretending to you guys that I had had some child help me with the stitching – but really: It was just me in a rush to get these finished and I didn’t even notice until later..)

Then I overlocked (serged) around the edge of each pocket.

I had already sewn the side seam of each leg, but not the inseams. I placed the pockets where I wanted them (I just held up the trousers and decided and then pinned the pockets in place). I made sure the placement was the same on both legs, then I stitched just on top of the overlock seam.


Then I just did as the pattern says – inseam, crotch seam, waistband.

For the cuffs I cut 2 pieces of ribbing 25 cm x 15 cm, stitched the seam and folded and pressed it wrong sides together (just like the waistband).


I then sewed to rows of gathering stitches (long stitch length and loose needle thread tension) to the hem of each leg and gathered each hem to fit a cuff. I made sure to align the cuff seam with the inseam and to match the raw edges. I then stitched the cuffs to the hems, pressed the seam allowances up, and voila!


Monday was work-at-Mariadenmark-day so I was at the computer doing patternmaking stuff all morning, then at the post office and then had lunch with my husband at a café. Then I went home and the sun was out and it was lovely (20 degrees C (68 F)) so I went to work in the garden. I had planned to do some sewing later, but instead we made a bonfire to get rid of all the twigs and ended up cooking dinner on the bonfire.


Me-Made-May 4th and 5th

May 4th: Long Saturday working the fabric store cutting table. Need comfortable and stretchy clothes. Dotted MariaDenmark Kirsten Kimono Tee it is, then! (and also stretch jeans and comfortable ballet flats).

working at the cutting table

Weather was lovely! 17 degrees C (63F) and sunny – but with some wind. I didn’t get to enjoy it until I got home at about 4 pm, though. And then I just sat with my coffee and my book in the sun for an hour or so before getting dinner.

May 5th: Sunday: I spend most of the day working in the garden (15 degrees, partly sunny) – wearing old, ragged and not me-made jeans and an old sweater. But I did wear me-made fleece socks in my wellies. In the evening I collapsed on the couch wearing my teal lounge trousers and some (clean) fleece socks.

{Sunday evening. Comfy memade  (albeit a bit stretched out) pajama lounge trousers + fleece socks.}

{Sunday evening. Comfy memade (albeit a bit stretched out) pajama lounge trousers + fleece socks.}


Me-Made-May 2nd and 3rd

Thursday May 2nd was another fabric store day, and I wore my me-made cow print tank top (from pattern soon to be released) and me made knickers (not pictured;-)) as well as H&M jeans and a cardigan (supposedly cashmere… I don’t know, but it’s soft and lovely) from the big market in Aix en Provence, which I got last summer when we were on vacation in Southern France.


Today, Friday May 3rd is work-at-MariaDenmark (i.e. from home) day and I’ve spend the morning doing accounting stuff and processing some pictures. Working from home allows me to taking a break to go outside and enjoy the sun. And so I did.

I’m wearing me-made Birgitte Basic Tee in a boat-neck version (fitted well with the water theme, I thought) – and also some fleece super socks in my wellies. And since this themeFriday subject for Me-Made-May is water, I thought I’d get a picture of me watering the beds.


I spend a couple of hours this afternoon working in the garden getting the beds ready and planting potatoes, fava beans and lettuce. We are about a month late with the earth temperature this year, and crops will be a bit delayed.

Me-Made-May 1

For my first Me-Made-May-13 outfit I chose My Audrey Dress. It’s comfortable, I haven’t worn it for weeks (since Bali was way too warm for this) and it’s perfect for the fabric store.

I had a long day at the fabric store today: First ordinary hours and then our sewing night, which I’m the hostess of. I got the ladies to pose in a group (Iphone) pic with me – I’m the one wearing the name tag :-)


It’s spring weather, but still rather cold – and had I been forced to be outside I would have needed thicker tights. But these opaque worked well with my red ballerinas (not in the photo) and I  drove right home at 10 pm and changed into night time lounge trousers, fleece super socks  and a kimono tee. Then I went straight to bed.

I’m back home, relaxed and ready for Me-Made-May!

So vacation is over. But it’s okay because I love my job! I love designing, sewing, writing and teaching and I’ve actually missed it a lot!

I’m still jetlagged (I’m so sensitive to time change – it usually takes me a week to recover from daylight-saving-time change.) I hope to adjust soon to the 6 hour time difference, though, especially since I have a really long day tomorrow and I hope to be able to sleep longer than to 4 am!

{Sort of a mantra for this vacation. Hanging out with my sisters in law I discovered that I do infact enjoy a G&T. Must have grown up. If you know who has copyright of this pic, please let me know }

{Sort of a mantra for this vacation. Hanging out with my sisters in law I discovered that I do infact enjoy a G&T. Must have grown up. If you know who has copyright of this pic, please let me know }

I haven’t been sewing much for the last couple of weeks (I have actually sewn in some buttons during the stay so I can’t say I haven’t sewn at all) – but I did go fabric shopping!


{In Alta Moda Textiles in Kuta, Bali. Incredible amounts of fabric and sales personal. Not enough space left in suitcase}

I went to Alta Moda Textiles in Kuta with my Mother in law and her best friend and I shopped. It’s an experience to go there. So many employees – you always have a couple right behind you – and so much fabric. Some very pretty – some not so much. My purchases fall in 3 categories:

  1. Silk: I got silk organza, raw silk and washed silk.
  2. Too weird to leave alone: I got some animal print, you guys, and it had flowers on it as well. Also some ombre print.
  3. Bathing Suit Fabric: I think I have mentioned how hard it is to get bathing suit fabric here that’s not black? It is. we do have some dancing gear fabric in other colurs, but never anything with a print. Here they had shelf after shelf of printed baathing suit fabric. And nothing in plain. So I got some dots and some zebra. Because I could.

We were sad to leave Bali – the warmth and sun was lovely once we got over the first days of heat chock – the trip home took 27 hours – but included a 7 hour layover in the best airport in the world (Changi Singapore). We enjoyed relaxing in the pool and getting the very last bit of summer and swimming before boarding.


{Swimming in the airport}

And then we landed in Finland to grey and brown and fog and winter.  A few hours later we were in Denmark where the spring is further along. But there is a long way to 32 degrees. I’ll just have to comfort myself with fabric:


{Fabric purchases from Bali:
Sarongs, Silks,Ugly prints, Bathing suit fabric}

Oh, I almost forgot:

I am of course going to participate in Me Made May 2013 – and hopefully do better than last year.-)


I, Maria of MariaDenmark: Wool and Weeds , sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavour to wear at least 1 item of me-made clothing each day for the duration of May 2013 and document it on Twitter (I’m MariaDenmark) and on my blog.


So I’ll have to write more tomorrow.-)





It is done! Actually it has been for a few weeks, but the same day I finished it, the weather changed into freakishly warm 30 degrees celcius – and stayed there for some time (now it’s turned back to freakishly cold 12 degrees… I’d rather have the warm weather!) and I couldn’t be bothered to wear a jacket if only to photograph it.

But this week-end, when I was with Tini, we finally got some pictures of my new silver jacket.

{Finally wearing my silver Minoru!}

So the pattern is Sewaholic’s Minoru Jacket – which I got directly from the Sewaholic shop.  The fabric is a coated cotton/nylon fabric from Stof2000 (Danish chain fabric store) and the lining is a cotton poplin.

{Showing you the lining - and making a funny face}

I did a combination of sizes: I cut size 8 at the shoulders/bust, merged to a size 10 at the waist and merged down to a size 6 at the hips. The sewaholic patterns are designed for the pear-shaped body types (large hips), which I don’t have (I have a large waist in stead…). I decided on these sizes based on the finished measurements printed on the pattern envelope, compared to existing jackets in my wardrobe.

There was a ton of pattern pieces, and really, I thought, there was no need to have separate pieces for the lining pieces, as the lining and the garment piece were identical except for the markings for the pocket placement. But anyway. While I usually trace pattern pieces, I decided against it with this pattern, since there was so much to trace, and I kept on procrastinating doing it. So I ended up just cutting the pattern pieces.

I could have done with a bit more room at the upper sleeves – which I didn’t catch in the tissue fitting, so if I make it again (and I want to!) I’ll add more width to the sleeves. Other than that, I didn’t do any alterations to the pattern.

{The back with the waist casing with elastic}

I love the elastic at the back – that is really what makes this jacket look stunning. Very clever idea! I find the inner pockets to be a bit small (if you want to keep your Iphone in them, that is) – and I would probably do only one inside pocket in another version – and then add some patch pockets to the front.

All in all I love this jacket – I’m getting tons of compliments on it (and people try to order from me) – and it is definitely the most stylish raincoat I’ve ever worn. It looks like the rain will continue this week-end, and it makes having to work on a Saturday (the school is having an outdoor “summer” party thing) more fun! It’s silver. In a jacket. I love!

I also really like the lined hood – which I’ll probably have to wear up all day tomorrow – judging by the forecast

{Hood, lined with poplin as well}

Other notes: I thought the instructions were okay, and they are illustrated, but I also suggest making use of the photo tutorials from the Minoru Sew-along.

I waterproofed the seams with iron-on seam tape, and that was really easy and simple to do!

P.S. There is a new episode of The Twin Needle Podcast , in which I talk more about the construction of the jacket, up! Give it a listen!



I should have known – and I sort of did – that May would be crazy for me and that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the posting and the picture taking etc.

Saturday we had my son’s big Non-firmation party (a humanist (non-religious) confirmation party) with 50 guests. We had it in our garden (we had rented a tent) and had a lovely lovely day and night with great food, lovely people, speeches and songs (it’s a Danish tradition that we write songs for any such occasion (and the party sings it together)). Rasmus was so very happy and it was worth all the time and money we have spend!

Here I am, wearing me-made t-shirt with a denim a-line skirt, carrying plates from the car:

{Getting ready for the party - we needed 50 sets of plates etc. I was lucky that I coud borrow them from my school}

But it has taken a lot of preparation and energy – and my sewing and knitting has suffered – especially because, since we had it in the garden and all my inlaws (both current and former) were there, and I wanted the garden to look great.

I had planned on sewing my dress, but a little more than a week ago, after having finished my Minoru jacket (more on that later), I realised that there was no way I would be able to fit everything that needed to be done into my schedule and also be able to go to work, so something had to go, and I decided I would wear a dress (sadly not me-made) that was already in my closet.

Anyway. Now the party is over, and I can go back to only stressing over normal things…

{Dress is another ONION 2026, socks are vanilla, shirt is ONION 2015}

I have been wearing me-made every day in May. Usually just the t-shirts. And then the Minoru (but no pictures of me wearing it yet). Some days I have been cheating and only wearing socks made by me, but there has also been dresses and pants and some new t-shirts that I’m designing at the moment.

More me-made pictures to come, but for now, here is proof that the Minoru is done, and that the Owl Sweater (which I finished knitting on May 1st, but is still waiting for the finishing and the blocking….) is ready for the final touches:

{Done Minoru jacket, almost done Owl sweater...}



MAY 10th (me-made-may 2012)

That’s better.

This is what I wore today (Thursday May 10th):
Me-made 60’s dress made from Onion 2036, black tights (would have gone for brown, but they had a hole on them), and my currently favourite heels from Ecco (they feel like I’m walking on clouds – lovely shoes!)

Picture was taken by Frederikke – one of my 6th grade students. I spend the day teaching until 4 pm and then went home and worked on a new design.

Not a kimono tee in sight…

MAY 3rd – 9th (me-made-may 2012)

So. I’ve had a rather bad start of Me-Made-May, I think.  I have been feeling really bad with some kind of virus, so I was really not in the mood for anything else than wearing comfortable elastic waist yoga pants and an assortment of t-shirts. So that has been it (all though I have been wearing some me-made wool socks as well – no pictures though):

Me-made Kimono tee + me-made lounge pants.

I changed the t-shirt from time to time, though :-) The weather was mixed, but it didn’t really matter, as I was spending most of my time inside on the couch with a blanket.

On Tuesday I was feeling better and the weather was cold (10 celcius) but sunny. I was at work teaching and then went into the greenhouse to plant some lettuce.

I wore the me-made purple-dotted kimono tee with a cardigan (H&M),  jeans (H&M) and Converse sneakers.

Wednesday was for teaching, but was a short day at work. I then went home to finish up the pattern for the kimono shirt and catch up on laundry. It rained all day, but it’s a bit warmer.

I was back to wearing yet another me-made teal kimono tee (I think I need a break from wearing them now – but they are soooo comfortable!), a refashioned grey cardigan, which I have taken in and shortened quite a bit, (used to be) black skinny jeans and the converse sneakers.

Thursday should see me wearing something a bit more interesting, I hope…