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Good knits last!

I am writing this from the green house where i am enjoying the sun and the relatively warm air.
It’s freezing outside and there is ice on the water, but in here it’s 15 celcius and i’m feeling warm wearing an icelandic wool sweater that my Mormor knitted for my mum 30 years ago.

Good knit!!

Now i’ll just enjoy my coffee and browse through the book…

On being short..

.. on material

As I told you, when writing about the almost-half-a-Terra-shawl, I ran out of yarn, because I was knitting from stash. The logical thing for me to do, when starting a new project, would of course be, to use some of the yarn I’m selling in my shop. But because I have a stash (= a lot of previously purchased/acquired material, that I didn’t get with a specific project in mind) and because I might be somewhat cheap, I chose yarn already in my personal stash.

The next thing I should have done, when I decided I wanted to knit this shawl, was to look up the pattern to figure out how much yarn was needed, and then combining that information with how much I had of the yarn I wanted to use, I could have decided if I had enough.

But nooooooooo. I was guessing guesstimating, which sometimes works, but very often doesn’t…    

Which brings me on to The Striped Dress.

The pattern I had planned for the striped jersey...

I really really want to make a baby-doll-ish striped dress using ONION 2035 and this lovely striped grey/black jersey. But I don’t have enough fabric, you see.. I have been sewing for so many years now, but still, I often underestimate how much fabric I might actually need. In this case, I apparently had bought only 125 cm of the fabric because I thought it wanted to be a t-shirt. Well, I was wrong, wasn’t I?!

The fabric that could have been a dress

On Saturday, when I had cut the pattern and ironed the fabric, I was ready to cut the fabric and start sewing immediately. But a little drama in the family (nothing serious, thankfully, but I was forced to change my plans) made me put everything away, and then I thought I could have a look at Sunday afternoon.

So I was getting ready to sew up a very nice dress, laid out the fabric on my table and began to think something was wrong. And when placing the pattern pieces I realised that this will be a very very short dress. So I decided to leave it and think it over. Now I’m thinking, that if I combine some pattern pieces (re-tracing the pattern) and lay the pattern out carefully, I might be able to get something out of it. We’ll see this week-end… Otherwise, the fabric might get it’s way and become a t-shirt…..

And craft-wise all I have been doing, is knitting on two pairs of socks. Especially the no-thinking-required pair. Obviously that’s perfect for me right now….

What do you do, when buying for stash, to make sure you have enough? Any good amounts, you always buy?

In other news – I have added a very special offer (only good until Monday!) to the shop. I have 3 reprinted patterns, that are back in the shop, and I’ve created an offer where you get 3 patterns for the price of 2.

Moving forward

My A-Little-More-Than-Half-a-Terra is dry and soft and lovely.

I would  have preferred a complete Terra, but this is what happens when you knit from stash… You don’t always have the amount needed, and you have to make do… (And it’s the same with fabric… I have a story about striped jersey to share with you)

Well, I love my new shawl, and especially how it is red and warm and matches my Luxury Mitts (which are made in completely different yarn!)

Actually, I would kind of like to make another one… I might not be sick of garter ridges yet..

But first I cast on for some new toe-up vanilla socks in a lovely blue Malabrigo!

This is my new no-thinking-required knitting. In a very lovely yarn!

New Post

Wow! I made it to February before entering a new post… I kept wanting to blog, but I have so much to blog about, that I didn’t know where to start. So I finally realised that I’m never going to be able to keep up. I am jut going to start right here where I am right now!

A preview of the design for the new shop..

First of all – I have been editing and translating new stuff for the the redesign of the shop. We are not there yet, but we are getting closer. My real job (the one that pays the bills) has been crazy busy since New Year. My nearest collegue is seriously ill (which is a terrible terrible thing that just makes me want to cry!) and we are not getting a substitute until the middle of March – which means I am doing overtime. A lot. I have already saved enough overtime for me to have more than a week of extra vacation. So I’ll spend that when spring comes and I’ll be able to finish the work for the shop, as well as maybe even do a little gardening…

So, What am I working on?

I have been knitting a bit. Mostly necesseties like a scarf for my husband…. (Ravelry Link)
I cast on around 300 st. I knit garter stitch all the way through and did 3 rows of each colour (1½ garter ridge per colour). I then changed colour. Some yarn was single stranded, some double, some (sock yarn) triple. At the ends, when I didn’t change colour, I made a loop of the yarn. When done, I tied knots at the ends, and then trimmed the fringes.

The garter stitch scarf for Dennis

My husband loves it – and he is now both warm and stylish. He lost his old scarf when out at a club in December, and I had very fast sewn a  fleece neckwarmer for him (it takes one seam – and about 2 minutes to do), but he wasn’t looking as cool with that, so that was only used when it was absolutely necessary!

Me – I needed a big fat scarf as well (I have a few leo-printed scarfs that I use, but they are very thin and when the wind is blowing and it’s -10 degrees celcius, you want something bigger and woolier!). I (or to be more accurate – it was actually Karen, who cast on – I had had too much champagne!) cast on for Terra (ravelvy project page) in a tweed yarn I got from Lisbeth. It turned out I didn’t have enough yarn to do the borders, so I knit as far as I could with the yarn I had, and then bound it off with only 3 meters left! It is blocking now, but here is a picture from yeasterday.

That’s enough garter for me for a while, I think. I am also working on socks, and am planning on casting on for a new pair today in a lovely blue Malabrigo!

And sewing wise, I am working on a new dress, that I am adding to the shop this week.  More on that later…

The pattern I am using for my new dress.

Now, I’ll venture into the world to yet again meet Lisbeth for a lovely knitting meet-up! Happy sewing and knitting!