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Done with Finish-itis…

First of all. What a great response to the new shop! Thank you for all the kind e-mails – and for all the orders:-)!

I have been busy, both tending the shop and doing my real job, and this is how far I am on the dress:


Bad ligth picture. Because there need to be one

Yes. It’s been cut out, the darts are sewn and pressed and I’ve sewn and pressed the center back seam and sewn the sleeves to the front and back. Not much sewing time for me this week, but hopefully I’ll get some time this week-end.

It’s Onion 2036 – a 1960’s styled dress, that can be made in both woven and knit fabric. I’m making this version in a rayon-lycra knit with a fabulous retro look.


The line drawing for 2036

While waiting for seams to cool down after pressing them (am I the only one who really hates waiting for that?) I finished the hat I made for my Bonus-dad. It’s now blocked, but it’s still on my table – which is too bad because it’s been chilly this week and he could have put it to good use.

The hat waiting for my bonus-dad

So I did finish something, but now it seems like my Finish-itis is over, because I am filled with new ideas as to what to knit – and first thing I’ve cast on, is going to be a lovely (I hope) boatneck jumper in Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend.

I really hope this is going to work, because last year I attempted to do something similar (The big Epic Knitting Fail) . And while it was lovely and perfect (even the colour!) I ruined it after blocking. I decided to put it in the washer for a spin (after I had handwashed it) and it felted. I cried.

And since then I’ve been afraid to start a new jumper. But now is the time.

The beginning of a beatyful jumper. I hope.

I’m doing a boatneck top down raglan with garter ridges at the neckline, hem and cuffs, I think.

I have more projects I want to cast on, but I’m waiting for the yarn to arrive. I really have a stash that’s way too small:-)

Welcome to Start-itis!

Mail goodies

Look what the mail-man just brought me – a big box from Amazon:

My New Lovely Books. Yay!

I ordered the two “River Cottage” books after reading two different posts on MoonCalfmakes’s blog. She was/is(?) doing a cookbook challenge, trying new recipies. First she did a River Cottage Stew that just made me want to eat just that. And later she wrote about Aubergine Parmigiana - and I knew I had to own both books.

The same day, I was listening to Electric Sheep’s Hoxton Handmade talking about Stitch London - a book with knitting patterns of London – quite literally. There are the animals of London (pigeons, mice, foxes and ravens) as well as buildings and people.  I love London. And my son does too. And he has a big non-firmation coming up, in which, I can tell you in all secrecy, there will be pigeons, oyster cards, big bens and perhaps a plane ticket or two…

When I was over at Amazon to order my goodness, I spotted the new Yarn Harlot book. And I love reading her books. So here the are – and I’m in for a lovely afternoon on the couch, reading and having tea and perhaps a cookie or five… (while the Chicken and Mushroom casserole is simmering away…)


P.S. In case you are not recieving my shop newsletter.. We are celebrating the opening of the new shop by giving  15% discount on all orders that enter the code NEWSHOP at checkout. It works until Sunday the 23rd at midnight (CET)….

and it’s no secret, so feel free to share on Facebook, Twitter or your blog….

Finishing stuff – and continuing other stuff :-)

Hello. My name is Maria and I work too much.

That is one explanation for why I’ve been gone so long. Another is that I simply haven’t had much to blog about.

Well, now I’m back.

The new design for my shop is finally in place and as I am typing this, Dennis is in the processs of transferring all the data from the old shop into the new.
That’s a lot of things wiped off my To-Do list – and this gives me room to do something I really want – blog:

I have so many things to show you. These last months, work has continued to being crazy. I amalso  taking some classes after work, to become an expert on using mindboards, using a Mobile phone while teaching, learning styles and on narrative pedagogy.
Thankfully a lot of these classes make room for me to knit. So I’ve also finished a lot of stuff.

First I want to show you Carla:


Adorable Carla

Remenber last year, when I helped my friend Karen sew maternity clothes? Carla is the reason why she needed them. Way back in May I started this little cardigan and somehow I got sidetracked by a shawl. Then a sock. But now, having to listen to all these professors, I got it out from the basket and finished it in no time. I also made the little Buzzbee hat - which is fun and cute to make!

I have also designed and finished knitting a pair of Fingerless Mittens. I am not quite sure about them (or more likely, the yarn choice), but they are done, and I might make them in another yarn again – before publishing a pattern…


Warm hands - warm heart



And then I’ve sewn the dress I talked about in the spring. I decided I wanted to give it a go and made a very short dress with short sleeves. I could always use it to check the fit and the neckline. I finshed it just in time for autumn cold to hit the country. When it was done, I decided to add some Ugly Duckling prints to the front (otherwise it was just plain boring) – and then I tried it on:

This is how I would wear it in summer. With sunglasses and silver ballerinas..

In early autumn- this will work. Scarf and ballerinas. Tons of different patterns here..

And this is how I actually wore it yesterday. With boots and a cardigan.

I honestly don’t think I’ll wear it much until next summer….

Anyway.. My newest sewing project is a 1960’s styled dress in this lovely fabric:

Lovely remnant of French jersey. Totally '60's!


I might as well go cut it out, while I wait for Dennis to finish with the shop….