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We ended up getting a good deal on a lovely 1 week long trip to Cape Verde. So I escaped the last of the holiday frenzy and here I am. Enjoying the Sun, reading an awful lot of crime fiction (i am on my 6th book this morning), eating, sleeping and even knitting a bit. It’s lovely and de-stressing!



This accidentally followed me home from the Sheep Breeders’s Christmas Market last Sunday:


{And of course I got some fiber, too}

Uh -oh.

You know, it’s not like I need another hobby. Or another stash.

I don’t really know how to use it. I have tried spinning on a spindle once, but only once.

So at some point I’ll have a look at You-tube to try it out. And I just found some getting-started articles at The knitter: part 1, part 2, part 3.

I don’t see myself as a spinner (famous last words), but I just thought it looked so pretty

{cute sheep spindle. I'm easy like that}

Do you know of any links to videos or articles you think I should read before trying it out? Please let me know!


Yes! It is done!

And more importantly - I love it!

{Not a good picture, but Dennis snapped it when I got home, just before the sun went down and it was too dark to get any pics}

I wore it today (all though I haven’t blocked it yet, and it does need to be blocked) because it was cold and grey this morning and I felt like wearing a silky hug. So I did:-)

This is a top-down boat neck jumper that I have made in Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend on 7 mm needles. The tension is 13.5 st/21 rows to 10 x 10 cm and I cast on 34 st for front, 34 st for the back, 12 for each sleeve for the wide boatneck, then did a basic top-down raglan. No shaping, except for a few short rows at the upper back.

The colour is coming out wrong in the pictures. It’s a much more green-ish teal.

Another pic (not of chickens today:-)):

{Oh I do love it. So I had to do a mirror pic:-)}

And you can read more about this project H E R E [open ravelry link].


It is funny how this seems to surpise me every year – rigth after my son’s birthday (on November 29). But the christmas season is very near, if I like it or not (I am very ambevilent about christmas. It’s a long story. Let’s just say this “celebration” has not been easy in my family when I was a child).

This year we don’t get to celebrate with the kids (they are with the other parents every other year) and we are hoping to go away somewhere with sun and warm weather, but we will wait and see if we can get a better price if we order closer to the departure date.

{Bags like this one for wash bags - with soap etc, it will be a great little gift}

We still have to get gifts for people.  And this means I have to think fast (and work fast) to get the gifts in order. I am definately not going to do handmade gifts all around, but I feel the urge to do some at least.

Last year I did two posts on handmade gifts:

The handmade gifts for men

The handmade gifts for anyone else :-)

I read through them and came up with two things I know I’ll do: Box bags as wash-bags (I made knitting kits in box bags last year) and real home-cooked soap. I might add personalised wash-cloths as well. We’ll see.

Parting garden pic:




Wow. That week flew by too.

Last Friday I had a Christmas party thing with Dennis’ siblings in the evening. And I needed something christmassy to wear.  I had cut the t-shirt from red jersey the previous week, but had not got around to sewing anything. It’s a very simple t-shirt pattern. The perfected version of Onion 5022 (out of print), which I made a part of the search for the perfect t-shirt pattern. It’s only two pieces – front and back – and I have corrected the shoulder line (for a forward shoulder alteration) as well as doing a high round back alteration.

I just realised that I never got around to tell you about what I did to perfect the t-shirt patterns…. I will need to get the pics together, and then I’ll write a description.

Anyway. Needed t-shirt. Only thing was that all week I had been feeling a little ill, so I had not thought much about it and only realised Friday afternoon at 4, that I needed to get going. We had to leave for the party at 6.15. And I also needed to redo my make-up:-)

So thankfully the shirt was very fast to stitch up. But then I also had to press the seams and do the neckline, the hemming and the decoration. It could have done with more pressing than it got.

I used some underwear elastic (with the little picots) for the neckline. It stretched out a bit, so I’m thinking I’ll redo the neckline.

For the decoration I used the iron-on-studs I also used on Carla’s dress. I finished pressing the last star in place at 6.05. Then I let the shirt cool while I did my make-up. And I was in the car by 6.15. Whew.

{The christmassy t-shirt. After being washed. Should have been ironed}

I wore it with black skinny jeans and heels. And I had even painted my nails! It was a great party – way too much food, wine and vodka, but we had a great time. Good thing there are some weeks left before the next big thing:-)

P.S. I have finished the boatneck. I only have to cast off, weave in ends and block (carefully). But here is a pic of it the day I had finished the sleeves (the only day this week that had some light in the afternoon, so that I could get a pic):