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I thought I’d show you what happened to (some) of the polka dotted fabric I showed you last week.

{Polka dotted t-shirt in full length. Click to enlarge}

I made a very fast lose fitting kimono sleeved top from it. Fast project, very few seams. I finished the neckline with a self fabric ribbing, did the seams on my overlocker (that’s a serger to you guys in the USA) and did the stitching along the neckline and at the hems with a simple zigzag stitch (2.5mm long and 3 mm wide).

It was a fun sewing experience, as I loved working with the fabric (a thin and very drapey viscose (rayon) jersey), and smiled every time I looked at the dots.
The remains of the fabric will probably become underwear (I have a bikini pattern to try out) and a dress for my friends daughter…

It’s still cold here, though, so I have to wear it layered up. I wore it today with skinny jeans, flat boots (I had school yard duty today) and an oversized long grey cardigan:

{Still winter, so wearing this very "spring-ish" top with cardigan and boots}

Today’s funny comment: When I walked into my fifth grade class, one of the students called out : “I’m seeing dots in front of my eyes” :-)

Obligatory Parting Pic – from the garden today:

{Chickens were out running the garden this week-end and enjoying new greens}




So I thought, that maybe you would like to see where I work with fabric and yarn and books and paper. I got a room of my own the summer before last, when we suddenly had two teen-agers in the house and my workspace on the upstairs landing was getting a leeeeeeeeeeeettle noisy from the music they were playing. Loud. All the time. And not even the same genre!
So we decided to enroll a part of the dining room to become my sewing room/office – with a door!!

My sewing room is 1.80 m x 4 m small. (5.9ft x 13ft). Here’s a tour:
This is the view from the door. The table is made from cheap IKEA counter tops and IKEA legs. The machine closest to the door is my Husquarna 905 overlocker, then is my Husquarna Scandinavia 300 sewing machine (with the hanging rod with hooks on it at the wall). My laptop is sitting next to the window. The basket is for the cats.
Close up of my workstation. Post its are my friends!

Oh and the to-do list. And the schedule,reminding me to do different tasks on different days. Also note the chopsticks. They are for turning and pressing sharp points…
My machines. Both Husquarna (Viking)!

I love the hanging rod (from IKEA, naturally) with hooks. Very practical. The post-it reminds me what type and size of needle I have in my machine.
Behind the door, there was just enough space for two IKEA Billy bookcases. This is where I keep most of my patterns, books and magazines. Also have my school material here and all my sewing notions. And a bit of yarn and fabric. The boxes on top of the bookcases holds interfacing, lining, yarn and extra threads and embroidery equipment..

You can also see my pressing table (I wrote about it before) and yes, that is the litter box underneath the table…
These drawers hold ribbon, elastic, buttons, prints, needles, zippers etc. I got them many years ago very cheap (at IKEA, of course) and painted them white myself.


Another view from the door. The basket under the mirror holds a little bit of my yarn, and behind it you can just see my brand new folding Super-board. It’s a brilliant tool and I don’t know why I hadn’t discovered it before..
My pressing table/work table. I love how the iron just hangs there ready to go. The coat rack with hangers is one of my favorite things. There I put the projects I just cut, stuff that need mending and Works-In-Progress.
Close up of the coat rack with lots of stuff waiting to be worked on. It really is very practical!


I hope you enjoyed this tour. There are more pictures of my tiny room in my Flicr set.

Parting pic of cats today, not the garden:



Well, I do not claim to be a trendsetter, or even a trend-spotter. But I have gotten pretty good at looking at trends from catwalks and in stores and reading articles and combining and concentrate them to figure out what I think are going to be the big trend items in a season.

I better tell you, that I am sort of picky and a bit conservative (in the known-is-save kind of way) about what I wear and I don’t follow trends blindly. Often it’ll take me a season or two to even like a trend…

Anyway. Here is my compilation of trends for Spring/summer 2012. I’ll link to ONION patterns where appropriate :-):

{Spring 2012 inspiration}

Set from Polyvore.


First of all (and nothing to do with patterns) the fabric and colours:
Orange is big (but soooo not for me to wear) and red continues to be a great colour to wear as an accessory or as a single garment (jeans, a top OR shoes).
We’ll see (and I plan to wear) a lot of Polka dots – especially white/cream dots on red or blue background. Stripes continues to be great. And flowers, of course (but that gets to girly for me:-))

And on the other end of the spectrum – pastels – especially light green and light rose are everywhere. Also lace and eyelet fabric is very in style.

Also, and this is something I’ll look into wear: Chambrey fabric used in shirts, shirt dresses and skirts (and it’ll last well into next winter as well!)


As for design details and patterns (Links are ONION pattern numbers):
The drape details are still big – and will continue into winter.  (You will find them in patterns 2034, 2038, 2039 and 5035).
The 1960’s a-line shapes (also great for showcasing lace and patterns) found in 2035 and 2036  are still fun and pleats and gathers, too (as in 2019, 2021, 3023 and 3033).
New-ish are the Peter Pan Collars especially in contrasting colours (have a look at 2015 and 1041) and the big peplums (1037 and 1041). I’m not good with tight collars – makes my head look funny, so that’s not really a style for me. But I think it looks very cute.

{ONION patterns for spring trends}

For me – I’ ll look into the pastels. Especially the light rose and light green – mostly as skinny jeans, I think, but I might add a t-shirt.

I like to keep things and lines very simple, so I’m not sure about the peplum jacket just yet (I don’t wear jackets much as a elementary teacher, anyway. Cardigans are more suitable for my kind of work).

I also really really really like the polka dots. Fun and girly without being over the top, especially when worn as a loose fit knit t-shirt. And for summer parties: on a shirt dress. I also like the draped collars and will definitely wear those.

I’ll leave you with a pic of my latest fabric buy – Polka dots, of course:-)

{Polka dotted navy rayon jersey. Top is already cut.}



FOS (not foes)


Here I am junping out from my slight SADness and back into the life of light and creativety. I have been doing my job and taking care of my shop, my family and little else. I think it’s been worse this year than the other years. Maybe because of my dayjob being very demanding, but not very gratifying at the moment. Maybe because of a lack of snow (until the end of January we hadn’t had any). I don’t know. But here I am feeling better and ready to share my life again.

I have been finishing stuff – and here are some of my FOs:

For Christmas (which you may recall, Dennis and I spend without the kids (who were with their other parents) in Cape Verde) I got an e-book reader. Just like I wished for. I got it before we were leaving and I did have time to sew a cover for it and to add books before the vacation.

{My e-book cover closed}

I made it in some skirt weight linen (which I interfaced heavily) with card board inside, to protect the e-reader. I got some pics of making it, and I’ll show you how this week.

{Here it is open. I added a pocket to the inside.}

I’m reading “Purge” by Finnish author Sofi Oksanen at the moment. It’s a brilliant book!

During my down time I have been crocheting and knitting a bit as well. Here is my finished Poppy shawl:

{Excuse the look at my face. Rasmus shot the pic earlier this week, and I was waiting for him to get one of my mittens....}

And a penguin. Cute, isn’t he?

{At work I have a penguin keychain and penguin pens. I had to make this one when I saw the pattern!}

And some fun colourwork mittens. I loved knitting these!

{Fun to knit - and fast! I really like these mittens. And they match my shawl!}

I have also been sewing some dresses for my friend’s daughter. I don’t have any pictures of them though, as I gave her the dresses before there was enough light to get a decent picture..

Yesterday all the snow melted here and Rasmus and I went for a long walk in the woods. So the parting picture for today is trees drowning in melting water. Spring is on it’s way! Hurrah!

{I didn't mess with the colours. It really looked black and white - and then a splash of green moss..}