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I had a Super Sewing Sunday:

I started out by pressing and ironing and setting in the snaps of my shirt dress muslin, which might not be a complete muslin after all – it is wearable. ( I got tons of compliments when I wore it at work yesterday.)

We might even call it a FO!

{Tucked in. Sorry about the early morning-no make-up look. I just wanted to get a pic}

The fabric is cheap cotton polyester (5€ per meter]. I used snaps instead of buttons, and I changed the collar. I simply made a no-stand blouse collar. But I might have overdone the points :-) I want the collar to be a bit smaller in my final version.

Me? I sot of like it, but it’s clear that I need to add a bit more fullness to the bust and I need to fine tune the sleeves as well. But overall – it fits my body nicely – and as one of my co-workers said – it gives me a very good figure, since it is shaped around my body, and skims  over any cuddly bits…

{Untucked. Horrible picture from the afternoon - that's why it's wrinkled from wear as well}

After I had finished the shirt (which is based on ONION 2015 by the way), I decided to cut into the pattern tissue of the Minoru Jacket. I had been procrastinating starting the jacket, because it meant I’d have to trace in the neighbourhood of a zillion pieces. I almost always trace patterns, that’s what most patterns I’ve used are laid out to, and I’m used to it, but this was already on thin tissue paper and as I said – a zillion pieces.

{Just before I began cutting the tissue. Aaaaargh - scary!}

So – never say never (which I think I actually did in the podcast episode) – I cut the pieces.

Which was more than a little bit scary – because then there is no going back (except, you know, you can order a new pattern) if I cut the wrong size. But I also realised: If it comes to worse, I know about grading patterns, so I can grade up or down. Anyway. I morphed and cut a size 8 at he sleeves and bust, a 10 at the waist area and a 6 in the hip area. I based the bust size on finished measurements compared to my current transition jacket (that’ll let me wear a sweater under it).

I ironed the tissue and pinned it together for tissue fitting, but didn’t do more than take a quick look (looks promising!) before I had to drive to the store for some milk (we had company coming) – and lo and behold, there was a garage sale on the way, and what did I spot??


{My new - very cheap - dress form! Yay!}

Yes. A dress form. I got her for 10 €. And she looks nice and clean  and has a wooden stand. We share bust size, but otherwise we don’t look alike (she has a tiny waist). I might try to pad her out, but for now, I’m thinking to use her for photos for my patterns. And she looks good with her wooden stand, right next to the piano (which doesn’t really work, either:-).

Now. What to call her….

WNRIP (Work Not Really In Progress)

SO. Can you tell the spring break is over? That school is back in full swing and that there are extra meetings and courses? I can!

This past week has been filled with teaching, an obligatory week-end  course for teachers (in which I had planned on getting a lot of knitting done, but had forgotten to bring extra skeins, so ran out of yarn after two hours), parent-teacher meetings (and there are more to come tomorrow), administrative shopwork (which I like), instruction writing and not much sewing or knitting at all.

Hence the title – since I’m not really making progress on anything.

But here’s what I’d like to work on if I had a minute or two:

{Owl sweater - but still with out any owls..}

Finish the Owl sweater. It’s been sitting there forever, and really, I just need to sit down for half an hour and knit. Maybe this week-end..

{My shirt-muslin.. I think.}

Finish my we-will-probably-consider-it-a-muslin of my ONION 2015 shirt dress. I’ve made my first version as a shirt – to check out the fit and the  look – especially of the self drafted collar. I was going for a more blouse-y collar style, but I think I want it to be a little bit smaller – and less pointy.

I have however been buying fabric (if you can’t sew, shop):


{Blue/cream Butterfly printed cotton voilé. Wrinkled from wear:-) }


{Light rose and blue-grey striped cotton jersey in a lovely medium weight quality}

I am wearing both as scarves. Today I’m wearing the striped fabric. It’s 150 cm x 160 cm and I just folded it into a triangle and wrapped it around my neck a few times. Instant wearable stuff from fabric (HINT: you can do it with stash fabric as well :-)). At some point the fabric will probably be turned cut and sewed into something like a dress or t-shirt. And the butterfly voilé will probably be a blouse – but for now it’s a lovely summer-y scarf.

I got to knit a bit more on the owl sweater yesterday while at meetings, and I am ready to knit the owls over the week-end. I also  hope to get some sewing done – and to tissue-fit my Minoru jacket.

But for now, I have teaching to do and more meetings this afternoon and evening. I’m thankful that week-end is approaching!

Happy Thursday! :-)




Yes, I am. And now you get to listen to how I sound when I speak English – I hope my accent doesn’t disturb you too much:-)

podcast listen
Picture from Flickr – creative commons

Tini of Tini’s world of Crafts and the Twin Needle Podcast kindly asked me to join her in podcasting every once in a while. I’ve already been in one episode, and Tini just uploaded a brand new episode about Tissue Fitting and Fit For Real People. I have interviewed the Palmer Pletch instructor from the seminar I took last month and this new episode features that interview.

You can find the episode H E R E or at Itunes.

I’d love to hear what you think!


As if I didn’t have enough on my plate (the son’s Non-firmation party in May (and sewing my outfit), the husbands 40th party this month (and choosing the outfit), my shop, writing instructions for the tee, oh and the full time teaching job, the t-shirt project, the garden, running 5k, the everyday cooking and cleaning) I have decided to participate in the Me Made May ’12 challenge hosted by Zoe.

The reason? I want to challenge myself into trying out different outfits (it’s easy to get stuck in a jeans-and-tshirt rut when teaching middleschoolers!) and also discover where the holes in my wardrobe are. For instance. I think I need a kind of skirt, that I’d be able to wear with flats to work. Any ideas for that?

So the plan is to wear something self-made (sewn, knitted or re-fashioned) every day for the month of May 2012. It can be just a pair of socks or a t-shirt (and since I have so many of those already sewn, it might actually be do-able) And also to get pictures taken every day. And to try out new outfits once in a while.

So here we go:

‘I, Maria of MariaDenmark: Wool and Weeds, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’12.
I endeavour to wear at least one item of self stitched (sewn, knitted or re-fashioned) clothing and take pictures each day for the duration of May 2012. I will also post all outfits to my blog at least once a week.’

I am actually looking forward to it. It’s going to be a challenge to really think about what I put on in the morning (because I’ll know I have to share it with you guys!) – but it’ll be fun!

Are you participating in Me Made May, and if yes – where can I see your outfits?

Here – to get into it – is a parting pic of what I looked like when I was teaching today – It was cold today and raining a lot, so I was wearing my  teal boat neck sweater (me-made!), jeans and wellies!

Happy Tuesday! :-)



… (drumroll, please, honey)


The winner of 4 lovely MiniKrea patterns is

H.alda who commented

Please contact me with your e-mail and postal addresses (you can e-mail me at


If you didn’t win – fear not: You can still have the patterns at a great price. For the duration of this week – until April 15 2012 at midnight CET – you (and everybody else, who sees this code – you are welcome to share it, if you like) can use the Coupon code GIVEAWAY at checkout at MariaDenmark | and get a 10 % discount!

Here are the direct links to the MiniKrea Patterns:


  Find MK10300 H E R E


Find MK20400 H E R E


Find MK30000 H E R E


Find MK50220 H E R E


Thank you to everyone who participated in the drawing – it was so much fun to read your comments (please keep them coming :-))

Now I’ll go and figure out which new kimono tee I’ll wear to work tomorrow….



A sleeve roll is a nice pressing tool that’ll allow you to press open long seams in narrow spaces like a sleeve or trouser leg – i.e. anything that doesn’t fit over an ironing board. But I like to use it for side seams as well, mostly because that gets me out of having to set up the ironing board

A couple of years ago I made one from a Sunday Newspaper, a towel and some rubber bands. This was getting soft (and yes, I have of course changed the towel a couple of times :-)) so I decided I needed to make a new one.

With the Sunday paper in a smaller format now, that wasn’t an option (it would be a short sleeve roll). So instead I took:


I placed the stick on the towel:

rolled the towel very tightly around the stick

Secured the towel with the rubber bands…


And that’s it!

A great pressing tool – very easily made!


I’m in the T-shirt project, a sew- along  hosted by E-made this. The idea is to make 12 differently styled t-shirts – one each month for a year, being creative with designs, alterations or prints/colours.

My first t-shirt for this sew-along is actually a bunch of t-shirts. I decided to draft a pattern for a kimono sleeved t-shirt that is fitted (with negative ease) at the bust, but skims loosely over the waist and high hip. I wanted a basic t-shirt, fast and easy to sew, flattering and relaxed fit. This more or less fits the bill.

{My teal version (I actually made two of these). Tucked in as I usually wear it, and untucked, so you can see the lines}

I have designed the t-shirt for knit fabric containing stretch (lycra or elastane). All my versions are made of different viscose (rayon) jerseys containing about 5 % lycra. But even though they sound similar in content, they have a very different feel from each other. The light blue dotted fabric is much less drapey than the purple dotted fabric and the  teal is quite thin.

I’ve made a size XS with a Full Bust Alteration of 2.5 cm, with which I rotated the dart to centre front (because I didn’t want a dart in this relaxed fit t-shirt (I will explain how to do that in a later post) and a forward shoulder alteration of 1.2 cm.


{I found this fabric in Århus, when we were taking a shopping break. Same fabric as my navy version}

I graded the pattern in 5 sizes and has just send it out to the pattern testers, and as soon as I get the feedback and finish the pattern and the instructions, it will be available here as a free download (probably with in a month or so) – so everybody can make their perfect relaxed fit t-shirt.

I’ve been waiting for nicer weather so I could get some nice photos outside, but today I just gave in and took the pictures inside using the self timer on my point-and-shoot.

I’ve made 8 kimono tee shirts in different colours and prints. I might have enough now! :-)

{This fabric made me so spring-happy. I also have it in a bright pink and a red, but thought it would be a bit too much if they all became t-shirts..}

What I like about a kimono tee is that it’s a very relaxed style. It’s also very easy and quick to sew: I timed the construction of the light blue dotted one and it took 71 minutes from cutting the fabric to wearing the finished shirt- including waiting for seams to cool after pressing them! That’s what I call instant gratification – and since each t-shirt only took 70 cm of fabric, it’s also a way to use remnants and fun prints that you just bought a meter of, because you just wanted the fabric (I’m not the only one who shops like that, right?)

But I also like that it’s a nice blank canvas for a basic top that you can embellish with iron-on patches, embroidery, iron on prints made on your computer etc.

I didn’t do that yet, but I’m thinking that I’ll try adding a scissor print (like this one I pinned to my inspiration board)to one of my grey tops.

{I like the basic grey top with my red jeans. Very relaxed outfit!}

SO that’s it for my T-shirt Project #1.

Now I’ll work on my ONION 2015 shirt dress for a while, while pondering over what kind of t-shirt I’ll make in May


P.S. Remember to enter the GIVE-AWAY if you haven’t already. I’m drawing the winners of free MiniKrea kids patterns on Monday!





We are interrupting this blog posting about t-shirts with a small announcement… :-)

Yep! I’m doing a GIVEAWAY!

I’m going to be an aunt (second time, different brother) in October and to celebrate I’m giving away

4 MiniKrea kids patterns (with instructions in English, of course)

{Baggy Trouser for Newborns 0 - 9 months}

 More photos and information about MK10300 H E R E

{Pantssuit for babies 6 months to 3 years)

More photos and information about MK20400 H E R E


{Easy empire dress for kids 4 - 10 years}

More photos and information about MK30000 H E R E


{T-shirts 0 - 10 years}


More photos and information about MK50220 H E R E

To win this package just leave a comment to this post. If you would like to have more entries, you can link back to the this post via your blog or share this post on Facebook or Twitter and post another comment for each mention.

I’ll randomly draw the winner Monday the 9th of April – that’s a week from now.



Elisabeth over at  E Made This! has started a Sew-a-long. 12 t-shirts in 12 months. That’s a sew-along I actually have a chance of doing!

The idea is to be creative in the sewing of t-shirts. Maybe trying some new design details or new patterns. Or just doing new colours…

I want to do a lot of t-shirt pattern drafting, and the first one I’m working on is a boat neck kimono sleeved t-shirt – that has negative ease at the bust but skims loosely over the “cuddly bits” (as Celia – the fitting instructor – calls them). I started out drafting it for my personal measurements, but I soon realised that this would be a perfect free pattern to share with everybody.

{My printed pattern. I taped it together and then traced it..}

So instead of using my personal drafted pattern, I decided to alter a standard size like I normally would with a pattern. Only this time I also did a Full Bust Alteration for knit patterns (which I’ll explain in detail later in the month). It’s not really tissue fitting when working with patterns for knit fabrics, but you can still use a lot of the same alterations – you just need to measure for them differently.

{ I could make a FBA and my usual forward shoulder alteration.}

Anyway. The light has been horrible today so I didn’t get any pics of the finished t-shirts. I’ve made almost 6 wearable basic t-shirts t-shirts from my new pattern (one needs hemming) – and that’s not counting my trial garments.

{Stitching in the ditch of the binding seam on a basic t-shirt}

I am a t-shirt machine:-)