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I should have known – and I sort of did – that May would be crazy for me and that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the posting and the picture taking etc.

Saturday we had my son’s big Non-firmation party (a humanist (non-religious) confirmation party) with 50 guests. We had it in our garden (we had rented a tent) and had a lovely lovely day and night with great food, lovely people, speeches and songs (it’s a Danish tradition that we write songs for any such occasion (and the party sings it together)). Rasmus was so very happy and it was worth all the time and money we have spend!

Here I am, wearing me-made t-shirt with a denim a-line skirt, carrying plates from the car:

{Getting ready for the party - we needed 50 sets of plates etc. I was lucky that I coud borrow them from my school}

But it has taken a lot of preparation and energy – and my sewing and knitting has suffered – especially because, since we had it in the garden and all my inlaws (both current and former) were there, and I wanted the garden to look great.

I had planned on sewing my dress, but a little more than a week ago, after having finished my Minoru jacket (more on that later), I realised that there was no way I would be able to fit everything that needed to be done into my schedule and also be able to go to work, so something had to go, and I decided I would wear a dress (sadly not me-made) that was already in my closet.

Anyway. Now the party is over, and I can go back to only stressing over normal things…

{Dress is another ONION 2026, socks are vanilla, shirt is ONION 2015}

I have been wearing me-made every day in May. Usually just the t-shirts. And then the Minoru (but no pictures of me wearing it yet). Some days I have been cheating and only wearing socks made by me, but there has also been dresses and pants and some new t-shirts that I’m designing at the moment.

More me-made pictures to come, but for now, here is proof that the Minoru is done, and that the Owl Sweater (which I finished knitting on May 1st, but is still waiting for the finishing and the blocking….) is ready for the final touches:

{Done Minoru jacket, almost done Owl sweater...}



MAY 10th (me-made-may 2012)

That’s better.

This is what I wore today (Thursday May 10th):
Me-made 60’s dress made from Onion 2036, black tights (would have gone for brown, but they had a hole on them), and my currently favourite heels from Ecco (they feel like I’m walking on clouds – lovely shoes!)

Picture was taken by Frederikke – one of my 6th grade students. I spend the day teaching until 4 pm and then went home and worked on a new design.

Not a kimono tee in sight…

MAY 3rd – 9th (me-made-may 2012)

So. I’ve had a rather bad start of Me-Made-May, I think.  I have been feeling really bad with some kind of virus, so I was really not in the mood for anything else than wearing comfortable elastic waist yoga pants and an assortment of t-shirts. So that has been it (all though I have been wearing some me-made wool socks as well – no pictures though):

Me-made Kimono tee + me-made lounge pants.

I changed the t-shirt from time to time, though :-) The weather was mixed, but it didn’t really matter, as I was spending most of my time inside on the couch with a blanket.

On Tuesday I was feeling better and the weather was cold (10 celcius) but sunny. I was at work teaching and then went into the greenhouse to plant some lettuce.

I wore the me-made purple-dotted kimono tee with a cardigan (H&M),  jeans (H&M) and Converse sneakers.

Wednesday was for teaching, but was a short day at work. I then went home to finish up the pattern for the kimono shirt and catch up on laundry. It rained all day, but it’s a bit warmer.

I was back to wearing yet another me-made teal kimono tee (I think I need a break from wearing them now – but they are soooo comfortable!), a refashioned grey cardigan, which I have taken in and shortened quite a bit, (used to be) black skinny jeans and the converse sneakers.

Thursday should see me wearing something a bit more interesting, I hope…


Edited on September 14 2013: There is a new and better version of the Kimono Tee pattern released. I’ve changed the sizing a bit and also prettified the pattern sheet a lot!

You can get the pattern by subscribing to my newsletter (see box in right corner) – and if you are allready a subscriber and didn’t get the update – shoot me a note at!

Edited on July 29th 2012, to add a new version of the pattern, which has new pictures and a slightly modified pattern – I trued some of the lines a little better. Also – now you can also find the  pattern on!

Edited on June 5 2012, to add yet another version of the pattern, in which the page size has been changed so that it now would work with all the printer types as promised. The pattern still have a grid.

Edited on May 29 2012 to add a new version of the pattern, in which I have corrected a few typos and also have added a grid to the pattern, to make it even easier to assemble!




After a week of feeling a bit under the weather with a virus of some sort, I finally got to being able to finish up the Kimono tee pattern to get it ready for download.

And here it is:

the Kirsten Kimono Tee


This free t-shirt pattern pdf download contains the pattern and detailed instructions – including step by step photos – for assembling the pattern and sewing the t-shirt.

You can read more about and see photos of the t-shirt and the pattern in this post

Also – I’d love to hear what you think of it (both the pattern layout and the actual pattern)!

If you like this pattern – why not have a look at my other t-shirt pattern (with choice of two necklines and 3 kinds of sleeves): The Birgitte Basic Tee.
It has even more detailed instructions and will be your perfect go-to t-shirt pattern for years to come!





MAY 1st & 2nd (me-made-may 2012)

What a week- What a week-end! We had a fabulous party for Dennis’ s 40th this Saturday (and my son had his DJ’ing debut <very proud mom>)

Not much sewing, but a bit of knitting – more about that later.

Anyway. ME-Made-May 2012 has begun!

On May 1st, there weren’t any red flags around me, I had to work all day, teaching, of course, and several school related meetings. I made it home for a couple of hours in the afternoon before leaving again, and Rasmus took this picture:

{In the garden, sneaking in a little fresh air between meetings}

I wore navy dotted kimono tee (Me-made, first version of my pattern), flared jeans (H&M) and lovely and very comfortable heels (Ecco). I also wore a jacket at some of the meetings.


On May 2nd we still had lovely spring weather, but it is chilly in the morning. I had teaching to do and another meeting – but I had a long lunch break and went thrift shopping. I found some nice slips and a shirt and top – all costing about 2€ each. I got this lousy Iphone pic:

{Thrift shopping during lunch break}

This is my first version of ONION 2026 - one of my favourite patterns. I made it something like 4 years ago, I think. It’s a bit short (I didn’t have enough fabric), but I wore it with tights and ballerina flats – both from H&M (loving this sunny weather).

Are you doing Me-Made-May? I’d love it if you left a link to where I can see your outfits in the comments!

And P.S: There is a new episode of the Twin Needle Podcast up. And we have a brand new blog, as well…