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I am sooo ready for the Summer Holidays! I have been for months weeks.

This time of year is always so stressful getting everything closed up before the end of the school year – and getting everything ready for starting up again in August, so with adding the me-being-sick-for-a-week factor, I really really need this vacation.

We’ll be going to Southern France for a two-week stay in a rented house (with pool) and we are leaving on Friday as soon as the house- chicken- and cat-sitters arrive.

And this is what I’ve made to wear while in France (I am aware that I might need other stuff, like trousers, skirts and tops, too, but I’m planning to spend as much time as possible wearing this):


{My new Pink Tankini top}

I also made two bikini bottoms.

The pattern is from Ottobre Woman Magazine 2 2011. It’s a gathered halterneck tankini top with two kinds of bikini bottoms.  It’s not easy finding swimsuit fabric in Denmark. And when you find it, the choices are black, white and neon. My complexion doesn’t work well with neon colours, but I was lucky and found a silvery swim suit fabric, and then some pink-ish dance wear fabric (it’s swim suit fabric, but it’s not treated to withstand the chlorine in the water, and it’s a tiny bit thinner). So I decided I would give it a go and make a pink top with silver lining (!) and silver bottoms. We’ll see how the fabric holds up.

The instructions are – to put it mildly – wordy. When I first read the instructions for sewing the tankini top, they didn’t make sense. But after taking a look at the pattern pieces, everything became more clear, and it went together nicely. The bottoms though, those instructions made no sense to me at first. But I used some instructions from an old panties pattern instead, and then I could actually see what they meant to say in the Ottobre instructions. I did change a few things in the construction method.

Invisible elastic is so much more easy to sew in the flat. So I added the elastic to the leg openings before sewing the side seams – and I just held it taut when sewing the front and the crotch area, and stretched the elastic a bit more for the back. It worked very well!

It’s going to take us about 18 hours to drive there. Some of the time I will be driving, some I will be sleeping, but there should be some knitting time – and I’ve packed several projects to chose from. I am aiming on getting the short-row cardigan for Carla done while in France, other than that – we’ll see.

I don’t know how our internet connection will be, but if it’s any good, I might blog a bit from my Iphone…

See you soon!



On Thursday afternoon last week, my voice started sounding weird. Like I had screamed a lot with out using the right technique or something like that. I have had voice coaching professionally and I know that I take good care of it, so I didn’t understand what had happened.. Then at night I started to feel like I was having a fever.

Both my son and husband has been dealing with throat inflammation over the last couple of weeks. My son was rather seriously ill, with high temperature over the course of a week, and he ended up having to go to the hospital for some tests (conclusion: it’s a virus – meaning nobody knows). So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I had caught the same thing.

But very bad day for it to happen – on Friday I was meeting the students that will be my first graders next school year, and I needed to be there – and to talk to them (sort of lay down my borders for acceptable behaviour from the beginning). So I took some pills to get the fever down, went to work, but had to get the help of my 6 graders to translate what I was whispering. After a long day, I went home, placed myself on the couch and haven’t left it much since.

The males of the household are very nice and are taking good care of me. But I quickly get to a point when I feel ill, when I’m bored out of my mind. And fever combined with boredom = Startitis.

{Color Madness, finished Buzzbees, Light pink ShortRow cardi, green 5-hour baby sweater}

So far I’ve finished the two Buzzbee hats, begun working on another short row cardigan for my friends daughter, selected yarn and cast on a Color Affection shawl, and settled for and cast on a baby sweater for my brother’s October baby. I haven’t knit a stitch on my owls, but picked up the Dragonfly socks, which have been in hibernation since last summer, and figured out how it had become that neglected: Something had been going wrong with the heel. So I frogged the heel, reknit it, and now I think it’s ready to come with me to France.

I am feeling better now and will return to work tomorrow. I have even sewed a bit – I am getting to a finishing point on the skirt design (the pockets have been teasing me – it’s difficult to find the perfect shape).  I hope to release the pattern in the end of July

While I was sick the cats kept me company on the couch – now they are back in the basket

{That’s Pippi on the left (her tongue sticking out:-) and Knirke on the right. Pippi was named after her peep-ing sound she made as a kitten, Knirke was squeaking (Knirke meaning squeaker)… They named themselves}


This was supposed to be an FO (finished object) post – but it turned into a UFO (Unfinished object, naturally).

I had finshed knitting this sweater on May 1st. Then it just sat on my dress form while I contemplated weaving in ends and blocking it. Because – there was something wrong with the upper back. It was poofy.

{It *was* almost done. It's not anymore..}

Well. Since I’m not one who considers frogging if there is any chance I might get around it, I decided I would try to finish it and block it, and then have a look.

So before going to see Tini, I got it done and I brought it with me. But it was still poofy.

So, as you can hear in the latest episode of the podcast, Tini convinced me to frog it. Well. What we did, was that Tini inserted a cirkular needle around the bottom of the yoke, cut the yarn below it, and then we started unravelling.

Since I had spit spliced the yarn as I was knitting it, I ended up with a giant yarn ball


And this is what I have now:

{A yoke (with owls), two sleeves and a lot of yarn!}

I am supposed to try to knit down from here – and really, it should be fairly quick (and this time I’ll move the decreases and increases to the side). I just don’t feel like knitting on this right now.

In stead I finished these:

{Vanilla boot socks. Mindless knitting}

P.S. I am also sewing. But mostly muslins for my new pattern designs, so not much to show…







It is done! Actually it has been for a few weeks, but the same day I finished it, the weather changed into freakishly warm 30 degrees celcius – and stayed there for some time (now it’s turned back to freakishly cold 12 degrees… I’d rather have the warm weather!) and I couldn’t be bothered to wear a jacket if only to photograph it.

But this week-end, when I was with Tini, we finally got some pictures of my new silver jacket.

{Finally wearing my silver Minoru!}

So the pattern is Sewaholic’s Minoru Jacket – which I got directly from the Sewaholic shop.  The fabric is a coated cotton/nylon fabric from Stof2000 (Danish chain fabric store) and the lining is a cotton poplin.

{Showing you the lining - and making a funny face}

I did a combination of sizes: I cut size 8 at the shoulders/bust, merged to a size 10 at the waist and merged down to a size 6 at the hips. The sewaholic patterns are designed for the pear-shaped body types (large hips), which I don’t have (I have a large waist in stead…). I decided on these sizes based on the finished measurements printed on the pattern envelope, compared to existing jackets in my wardrobe.

There was a ton of pattern pieces, and really, I thought, there was no need to have separate pieces for the lining pieces, as the lining and the garment piece were identical except for the markings for the pocket placement. But anyway. While I usually trace pattern pieces, I decided against it with this pattern, since there was so much to trace, and I kept on procrastinating doing it. So I ended up just cutting the pattern pieces.

I could have done with a bit more room at the upper sleeves – which I didn’t catch in the tissue fitting, so if I make it again (and I want to!) I’ll add more width to the sleeves. Other than that, I didn’t do any alterations to the pattern.

{The back with the waist casing with elastic}

I love the elastic at the back – that is really what makes this jacket look stunning. Very clever idea! I find the inner pockets to be a bit small (if you want to keep your Iphone in them, that is) – and I would probably do only one inside pocket in another version – and then add some patch pockets to the front.

All in all I love this jacket – I’m getting tons of compliments on it (and people try to order from me) – and it is definitely the most stylish raincoat I’ve ever worn. It looks like the rain will continue this week-end, and it makes having to work on a Saturday (the school is having an outdoor “summer” party thing) more fun! It’s silver. In a jacket. I love!

I also really like the lined hood – which I’ll probably have to wear up all day tomorrow – judging by the forecast

{Hood, lined with poplin as well}

Other notes: I thought the instructions were okay, and they are illustrated, but I also suggest making use of the photo tutorials from the Minoru Sew-along.

I waterproofed the seams with iron-on seam tape, and that was really easy and simple to do!

P.S. There is a new episode of The Twin Needle Podcast , in which I talk more about the construction of the jacket, up! Give it a listen!



So this week-end I’ve been visiting my very good friend  (and podcast co-host) Tini while she was on vacation with her family in Denmark. It has actually been a year since we last saw each other and it was wonderful to be together in the same room again.

There was some knitting, some frogging, some recording  and a lot of talk about sewing. But mostly there was a lot of talk and laughter.

These pictures sum it up nicely:

{Laughing and talking outside}


{Coffee and knitting and laughing on the couch}



{Doing photo shoot and laughing}



{AND a big ball of yarn}


I’ll be back soon with the Minoru jacket and news about patterns…