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I’m back – and Happy New Year!

Hey everybody!

I’ll just do one of those catching up posts again. I’ve missed you, but also kind of enjoyed being off line. It’s good with a break from time to time…

So here we go:

1. Oh, wow! I’m so thrilled by the welcome the day-to-night-top got! Amazing! (BTW – it’s still introductory priced until January 1st!) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
I’m also delighted to read the reviews – and the first four reviewers (who will receive a free MariaDenmark pattern + a surprise sewing package) are:
Scruffy Badger
Sew Busy Lizzy
Suzy Bee Sews
Darry Do!

I’ll send your packages in mid January and we’ll talk via e-mail about the MariaDenmark pattern (if you haven’t already, please e-mail me at maria (at) mariadenmark (dot) com!)

2. Christmas! Did you have a great time? Did you give any handmade stuff? Did you recieve any, or any sewing/knitting pressies?
I made some cotton voilé scarfs that were well recieved (I talked about them in the Christmas Special of the Podcast), as well as two pairs of handwarmers.

I also got great presents: Including a knitting pattern I’ve had on my wish list for some time and yarn and also a gliding foot for my Husquarna machine. The male members of my household (i.e. the husband and the 15 yo son) gave me wonderful presents to spoil me – including luxury underwear and jewellery (from the husband, of course ;-) ) and the son had gotten me a gift certificate for a facial. We always put little rhymes or poems (with clues) on our packages and his said “you are already pretty and this will relax you and make you even prettier” (I can’t really bother to make that rhyme in English right now.. )

{Thank you for a great year! Happy New Year!!}

{Thank you for a great year! Happy New Year!!}

3. The obligatory end-of-year review: What a year 2012 has been! A year ago I was unhappy with my workplace and grumpy and not seeing where I would be going with my career. Then during the spring I realised that I needed to do something about it all and one of the things I realized was, that I might be able to make a living from making sewing patterns and teaching on the side – making use of the drafting classes I had taken. In June I was considering and in July I knew I had to do something. I was able to quit my elementary school job in October and have worked for my self and the fabric store for 3 months now. And I’m pretty happy. And not feeling stressed out, which I love.

4. The obligatory looking forward into next year: Well I have big plans. Not only for my patterns and my designs, but also for doing something for the Danish Sewing Market. One of my “compe-leagues” (see what I did there? :-)) asked me why I wasn’t interested in selling to the Scandinavian market. My reply was that I don’t really have a platform to do it from. We are working on changing that…
So my goals for 2013? To make enough from my patterns etc to support myself fully, to develop my pattern designs and venture into the Danish market – and to have fun, keep running and gardening and find strength to overcome any obstacles that’ll be on the way. Well. Anything can happen – and it usually does.

5. Happy 2013 to all my readers and customers! Be save on New Years Eve (I’ll be wearing a Drape Top, of course!)  and I’ll see you next year – May you all have a year filled with lovely fabric and fun!

Merry Chrismas – From me to you: A free pattern!

Merry Christmas everyone!


MariaDenmark Christmas Dress. Made from Birgitte Basic Tee Pattern

Merry Christmas!

I am so happy about the reception of my newest pattern – the drape top, and I’m going to reply to comments and especially the lovely reviews and blogposts as soon as my small Christmas holiday is over. I am celebrating Christmas in Sweden with my husband’s family and am going off line – the internet connection is horrible – as soon as this is posted. I’ll be back on the 28th!

In the meantime here’s my Christmas gift to you: A free pattern!

Have a look at MariaDenmark Super Socks! (Also make a brilliant last minute gift!) My gift to you – it’s completely FREE until January 1st!


{The Free Christmas Pattern Gift. To all of you from me!}

{The Free Christmas Pattern Gift. To all of you from me!}

The Day-To-Night Drape Top. Wear it tonight! (and get a surprise package)

Seems like I’m always running behind schedule. Well this time I had a proper excuse. Friday afternoon I had an allergic reaction to avocado (and I’ve eaten tons before with out any problems) and went to the hospital for the night. I’m okay now – but still a bit tired (might also be the antihistamine:-)). Anyway It was a scary experience and all this let to the release of this pattern being delayed – but now it’s here.

And I’m very happy to present:

The MariaDenmark Day-To-Night Drape Top!

Find it at and on Craftsy! Oh, and BTW – it’s at an introductory price through the month of December!

MariaDenmark 103 - Day-To-Night Drape Top E-book Pattern

If you liked the free Kirsten Kimono Tee Pattern, you are going to absolutely love this one! This top is as easy, fast (takes me about 65 minutes cutting to hemming) and uses very little fabric (under 1 yard – in all sizes!).

I wear it with jeans and a knit cardigan with flat boots during the day (it is winter here, after all) and put on some heels and a bunch of silver bracelets for night on the town (well. okay, for a party with friends. I rarely go out for a night on the town…:-))

Line Drawing of MariaDenmark 103 - Day-To-Night Drape Top

{Line Drawing or Sketch of the top. I’m gradually getting better at this drawing stuff}


Anyway. What do you think? How would you wear it?

I’m loving this pattern. Also… The sleeves from the Birgitte Basic Tee fit perfectly with this pattern, so if you like, you can make all kinds of new combinations!

The teal top in the pattern photo is made from a modal jersey and back neckline and armholes are finished with a fun silver Fold Over Elastic.

The brown/gold version is made from a rayon/polyester blend containing 5 % spandex and back neckline and armholes are finished with invisible elastic.

And now to the really fun part: The first four people who review this pattern at either their blog, Patternreview, Craftsy or Kollabora and leave me a comment about it (with a link) in this post will recieve 1 free MariaDenmark pattern of their own choice + a nice surprise sewing package!

They are found! Have a look at the posts from Scruffy Badger, Sew Busy Lizzy, Suzy Bee Sews and Darry Do!

Now get sewing! You’ll be wearing your new top in no time! Find the pattern at and on Craftsy!

What do you think?


No stress! Sunday is Sewing-For-Fun-Day!

And I’ve decided that I do not want to stress over the Fit-a-long! I’m taking it easy with the final posts. This week I’ll post the pin fitting post – and then we are just going to sew up the finished trousers.

Anyway. The Sewing-for-fun!

Last Sunday I made a design sketch of a christmas dress, made the pattern and cut the fabric. And yesterday I finally sewed it all up.

And here it is: My Christmassy Christmas Dress:

MariaDenmark Christmas Dress. Made from Birgitte Basic Tee Pattern

{My lovely Christmas Dress, as I will probably wear it on Christmas – with heels. And I will add jewellery and nail colour too}

The fabric is this Burgundy (well, they call it bordeaux) cotton Stretch velour from the fabric store where I work (they sponsored it, so I can wear it at work and people will be inspired to get the same. And it’s totally working!) and it’s trimmed with this fake fur.

The pattern is actually the Birgitte Basic Tee (which is 25 % off this month!), elongated into a nice a-line skirt. I then added back darts to avoid the folds in the back. Really easy to do – and as easy to sew as a t-shirt.

{From sketch to finished dress. This is how I’ll wear it at work – with heavy tights, and the silver dr. martens boots. The colour best captured in pic nr 3}

As I said – sewing was easy. For the neckline I simply sewed invisible elastic to the wrong side of the seam allowance (just holding it taut – not stretching it) and then folded the seam allowance over and zigzagged from the right side. Only problem was when I cut the strips for the fake fur, I had little bits of fur all over. I stitched the fake fur wrong side to right side of the dress, using a long straight stitch. I overlapped it a bit at the ends.

This was such a fun project, and I’m really happy with the result! I’ve never had a designated christmas dress before, but I’m going to wear this as many days as I can before Christmas, (and on the holidays) so I’ll be tired of it when Christmas is over…

Are you sewing any Christmas Dresses this year?




We interrupt this program… A Catching Up Post

:-) Just a bunch of small admin notes….

 1. I’ve revised the schedule for the trouser fit-n-sew-along. Are anyone following along? Are you getting work done on your trousers? Tell me about it!

2. It has been a month since I took the Seamless Pledge. No problems – I’m doing fine (but might have been shopping more fabric). I needed a party/going out top, and made one. Then needed a winter dress and made one. No problem. Pictures soon.

{The winter dress I made. It’s a deep teal stretch velour and trimmed with silver fold over elastic at neckline and sleeve edges.}

3. Days are short here. I am coping by….. No. Who am I kidding. I hate the darkness this time of year. It’s dark from 3pm to 8.30 am right now and I have very little energy. I am dealing with it by lighting candles all the time and am eating way too many Pebbernødder. And not running at all. There is snow, people, and it’s pitch black most of the time. (Bad excuse. I should just get out there the little time when it’s not dark)! Also darkness makes it difficult getting pictures.

4. On the lighter side, we have a new episode of the podcast out. Do you listen? Is my English (even more) horrible when spoken?

5. New pattern coming out soon. If you liked the Kimono Tee, you are going to love this one! That’s all I’m saying right now:-) Pattern is drafted, graded, instructions written. Just need those photos! Hoping for photo weather this week-end!

Trousers Fit-n-Sew along #5: Getting ready for pin fitting

(Sorry about the lack of pics and the delay. Short days and winter vira have interfered with life here… Will be back at full speed soon I hope!)

Oh. I really wish I had some more tissue fitting issues to show you. But I haven’t really received any from you guys (I hope it’s because everything is fitting well?) and I can’t post the pictures from the fitting books – as that would be a violation of copyrights. Anyway a few hints and tips:

When you are evaluating your fit in the tissue paper, remember that wrinkles point to the problem, and that horizontal wrinkles are symptoms of things being to tight, while vertical wrinkles often mean that it’s too big in that area. Also wrinkles often point to a place where there is strain on the tissue. In the fitting books I’ve talked about before, there are plenty of illustrations showing different lines relations to different fitting issues. And also – you are very welcome to post and ask in the Flickr Group!

That taken care of, we are ready to fit the waistband!

I have decided that I want my pair to sit a little (2 cm)  lower on the waist. So I’m just chopping off 2 cm from the top on both front and back. And now it’s time to tissue fit the waist band.

As with the front and back,  trace the pieces, leaving plenty of tissue at the side seams and centre front/back seams – especially if you had to add to the trouser pattern pieces.

I’ve changed quite a lot on my waistline – with the dart width and my large waist + the changing of the hip curve, so I’m going to tissue fit the waistband pattern pieces with the trouser pattern pieces. Aligning the centre front and centre back, I’m pinning the waistband front and back pieces to the flat front and back trouser pattern pieces (pinning horizontally). It’s quite important that the front and back have been unpinned and perhaps ironed before they are placed flat for pinning the waistband pieces in place.

Now try on your tissue again and focus on your waistband in relation to your trouser front and back. You want the side seam to continue into the waistband in a nice curve, and you want to make sure that the centre front/back of the waistband pieces reaches your centre front/back. It’s really the same as the first tissue fitting. Pin to fit your shape, then take of your tissue and mark the new lines on the pattern.

That’s it!

Now we are done with the tissue fitting, we need to get the pattern ready for cutting the fabric:

Start by taping the notches you made at the crotch curves closed again and then add your seam allowances. You’ll want about 2.5 cm (1″) seam allowance at the side seams and inseams and about 1.5 cm (or do 5/8″) seam allowance at the crotch seams and waistband seams. Mark the seam allowances on the tissue and cut out the pattern pieces.

Next we are going to cut and mark the fabric and sew to get ready for pinfitting.