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I need to learn more..

So. I’m slowly but surely (I hope) developing my business. I can’t quite make a living yet, but I think I might get there within a year or so.

One of the things my mentors keep asking me to do, is to get to know my customers or potential customers better, before I expand into new ventures (I have so many ideas, you guys, and I really need to know what to focus on if I’m to get anything done).

So, I need your help.Will you help me?

You can help me by taking your time to fill out this questionnaire. And please – only click on that link if you really want to reply. I have a limited replies account, so it will close when we hit the max.

{These two are helping me (or not..)  every day. Mostly by sitting on stuff so I wont be sidetracked}

{These two are helping me (or not..) every day. Mostly by sitting on stuff so I wont be sidetracked}


Thank you so much for your help! Find the questionnaire H E R E!


Rrrrrrrw (The Jungle January Skirt)

I am such a lemming.

I really am.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been (and continue to be for a few weeks to come) really really busy. Book keeping, translations of new season patterns for Onion and MiniKrea, the usual fabric store hours and teaching two new classes have left only very little time for sewing (and even less for drafting, photographing and writing, I’m afraid).

Yet I still found myself turning to my blog reader from time to time and I couldn’t help noticing the Jungle January (started by the Pretty Grievances blog) things that are going on.

So you know I had to do: In the fabric store, we sadly only had a very limited selection of animal print. Mostly chiffon and fake fur. And hidden away in the home dec section – this printed cotton/polyester blend.

Jungle January at

Nothing much to do with it (what was it intended for, I wonder.. It’s not quite heavy enough for upholstering. Pillows? Really non-drapey draperies? I don’t know.) but to make it into a skirt. I got myself 75 cm – threw it in the washer and dryer (gasp! I never put my clothes in the dryer) and quickly cut the pieces for a pencil skirt using my own skirt draft. For I was planning to wear that skirt for the baptism of my niece – and I was to be the GodMother!

{Here I am. Godmother'ing Sofie. I loved it!She behaved nicely - and so did I (I think)}

{Here I am. Godmother’ing Sofie. I loved it!She behaved nicely – and so did I (I think)}

It was a quick and dirty make – no facings, no waistband, just the skirt front and back and the lining front and back, invisible zipper, pin fitting, sewing the lining to the waist and zipper, turning, hemming – and that was it. Phew.

After working long days in the fabric store (=no sewing) Wednesday and Thursday, I finished it Friday, and then only had to make the top before leaving for the baptism on Saturday. I decided to wear a drape top with my new skirt, but the blue one was too dark and the brownish one too light, so I made one in a teal green.

I didn’t get around to take any pictures myself, these were taken by my sister, and they don’t really show the outfit. In the one below I had the sun directly in my face and couldn’t see a thing. Also it was freezing minus 8 degrees – so I just wanted to get my coat back on..


{Blinded by the light (and the snow didn't help either:-))}

{Blinded by the light (and the snow didn’t help either:-))}

Anyway. I really like my skirt. In the Iphone-pic on top I wore it with a grey t-shirt – and I think it toned the skirt down enough to be able to wear it to work. Actually – I thought it looked pretty good with the plain t-shirt.

Well. I’m off to do some more translations.. Talk to you on the other side..


Gillian started daring everyone on Twitter last week-end. And soon I was accepting a dare to use a colourfull (I do believe the work BRIGTH was used) piece of knit fabric from my stash to make underwear and/or lounge wear.

I remembered being inspired by  Scruffy Badger Winnie’s  Underwear post, and quickly downloaded the free vest pattern from the So, Zo…blog.

{Bright fabric and elastic!}

{Bright fabric and elastic!}

I had already drafted a pattern for lounge trousers (still pondering whether I should make it into a pattern. Do you think anyone else would want to sew lounge trousers?.) and during the stash-handling I came upon this bright turquoise stretch velour and this pink (it doesn’t really show up pink in the photo… but believe me – it is bright pink!) dotted cotton-lycra blend.. And then I found this amazingly coordinating Fold Over Elastic. So a lounge set it was!

This was so much fun! Getting a dare like that really started some creative juices in me. This was truly a Sewing-For-Fun project!

Unfortunately the pictures aren’t the best. I should have shown you the entire outfit, but I was having a case of the VPLs, that I didn’t catch when I got the pics, and I haven’t had the opportunity to retake them, so here you go..

{My #Sewingdares results!}

{My #Sewingdares results!}

I had so much fun! And also – be sure to check out all the other #Sewingdares results!


I have no pictures

I really don’t. Every day this week (not true, because I was away for two of them, but anyway..) I have been trying to get some good pictures of something sewing related.

But no luck.. It’s so dark all the time. Even today, when I spend all day at the computer, I checked from time to time to see how the lighting was. No luck.


So I have no new pictures. I can’t show you how to pin fit your trousers properly. I can’t make my new header (need some artistic needle and thread works – and am not  prepared to pay for it from a photo bank, yet…) and I can’t show you the piles of fleece in lovely spring colours (because I live in a place where summer and fleece fabric actually goes together, you know) I’m using for samples for my classes that are starting next week.

I’m also working on some new designs – both for the pattern line and for other uses (so here it would be nice with pictures of my pencils, my lousy sketches and maybe a blurry pic of the design wall with spring coloured fabric) – and then there is all the end-of-year tax work. Balancing the books, labelling all the little pieces of paper, printing whatever has been kept online (so stupid that I have to print it) and placing of everything in binders.

And that’s pretty much what I did this week…. How was your week?

P.S. I just realized – I need to blog about how my taking the Seamless Pledge is working out.
I have now been banned (by myself) from buying RTW clothes, bags and shoes for two months. It’s still going great. I have been tempted by shoes, but have not bought them. I made my Christmas Dress and wore my drape tops for any other holiday parties and didn’t need anything else.
I have a bit of a challenge for January though, as I am going to be Sofie’s godmother and carry her at the baptism, and I need to work out an outfit for that. Am thinking about making the “leather” pencil skirt I’ve been talking about and pairing it with a light coloured drape top (maybe w sleeves) and heeled boots… Opinions?