While we are enjoying great summer weather and really don’t want to think about how soon it’ll end, school has begun here in Denmark (meaning I’m back at work) and I’ve started thinking about what to sew for my autumn/winter wardrobe.

I’ve had a busy summer, what with that trip to France and the drafting and sewing for the new pattern(s), but it turned out – the one thing I said I’d do during the summer break, still hasn’t been done. I had planned to clean out my closet – get rid of the stuff I don’t wear any more (most because it’s too big after I lost the most of my non-smoking weight -Yay!), figure out what to save, but maybe not wear over winter, and find out what I need to sew (or knit or buy) to update my wardrobe for autumn.

So, that’s NOT done.

But that didn’t stop me getting fabric collected (ok. some of it I just bought…) for spicing up my wardrobe for cooler weather:


{Fabric for Autumn sewing}

Burgundy and purple are going to be big colours this season, and so are (fake) leather and plaid skirts as well as classical wide legged trousers. The fake brown leather in the back was a steal at my local fabric store (I found it in the back, and they only had 1.5 m left, which I got for 10 €).  I think it’s going to become either a pencil skirt (which I’d love, but must admit will be rather impractical in my everyday life) or skinny trousers, which would also be really cool. I’m considering – and accepting your thoughts on the subject…

There is also some striped wool for wide legged trousers and some plaid (with light burgundy (the colour shows up wrong) lines) heavy woven viscose for a skirt , and some burgundy viscose knit for a t-shirt or two. Also present is a blue viscose knit – which I’m not sure I’ll use after all.

Have you started thinking about what to sew for your autumn/winter wardrobe?

4 thoughts on “SEWING FOR AUTUMN

  1. silvia

    Very nice purchases! I’d want to make leggings from the faux leather since I love the ones at All Saints, but those are $700 and that’s just crazytime. Link for leather inspiration. (I’m assuming the pleather stretches…)

    Can’t wait to see what cute things you come up with. Summer in my part of California is August through October so I’m still thinking about the heat…

  2. mariadenmark Post author

    Yes. I’d like those leggings. But maybe more like slim pants…
    But I’d also like the skirt (you know for the life I don’t have that requires you to wear pencil skirts with heels every day…).
    Oh, if only I could get 1 meter more….

  3. Carolyn

    Ooooh, sewing for fall! I haven’t even finished my summer sewing yet, ha. I like your fabric selections and will be looking forward to the burgundy and purple revolution. : )

    1. mariadenmark Post author

      I’m looking forward to the purple and burgundy too. For now, though it’s still a little too much summer here. But autumn will be here soon enough:-)
      I’ve already started looking for boots (they’ll be darkish brown leather with a 5 cm heel, if I can find some.)


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