Short delay…

Hi everybody

Today’s post about crotch curves and body spaces is a little tiny bit delayed.. I had to go to the Emergency Room with my son (he’s okay, just his thumb) and waiting there for more than 3 hours. Now we got back home just in time for sundown – so the pictures look horrible. I will see what photoshop can do with them and will be back with more in a few hours…

{A picture I took earlier today – when there was still natural light outside..)

Also. In post#1 I totally forgot to talk about sizes. You should pick the size based on your hip measurements!

Anyway… See you soon.



3 thoughts on “Short delay…

  1. Jen

    I’m bookmarking your blog, your trouser fitting is a valuable resource. Unfortunately I don’t have trousers planned for a while, else I’d sew along now. Thanks.

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