Reviving the blog!

So. I have decided to revive (and move) the blog. Why?

Because I’m also in the process of reviving (or up-viving) and redesigning (and perhaps even my professional life!)

The blog will show and reflect my life – including the sewing and knitting stuff!

Finished objects, designs, fashion, styling, work in progress.
Passions, inspirations, difficulties.

I want to inspire you to sew and knit and create. And have fun. This is my mission.


This is what inspires me today. The mess on my desk.

3 thoughts on “Reviving the blog!

  1. mariadenmark Post author

    :-) Yes it is – I just need to get decent pics of this one (which is size 1year), then I’ll layout the pattern.

  2. mariadenmark Post author

    Thank you for letting me know.

    Do you mean the blog or the shop?
    I’m not sure I can do anything about it in the blog – since it’s a WordPress blog and a wordpress theme I’m using…

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