Come Lounge with me..

Here it is:

{Lounging with a book and a smile}

{Lounging with a book and a smile}

My newest pattern: MariaDenmark 302 – Laura Lounge Trousers

{New pattern Front Page. Had a little fun with modelling this time:-)}

{New pattern Front Page. Had a little fun with modelling this time:-)}

You might recall how these super cute and very comfortable lounge trousers started their life. It was when Gillian dared me on Twitter and I made my bright lounge wear set. I already had an idea for the trousers in my head on on the sketch pad and the dare made me draft the pattern properly.

Changes have been made since the original and I also added a jersey waistband option – because it can sometimes be hard to find ribbing in the right colours. You can even use a remnant from making your Birgitte Basic Tee to create a matching set!

{Smocked waistband. Really easy!}

{Smocked waistband. Really easy!}

The Laura Lounge Trousers are comfortable enough to do yoga or sleep in, but stylish enough that you won’t be ashamed to answer the door while wearing them.

These versions are made with cotton knit velour, but I would also recommend making a pair in sweatshirt fabric (with the soft side against the skin, it’ll be great for cold winter nights) or in a heavy jersey or double knit. Actually I have some fabric for making myself a grey sweatshirt fabric version. I’m thinking to add ribbed cuffs to make them more baggy and maybe some patch pockets… You know. For when I have a Sewing-For-Fun-Day.

Anyway. Pattern is available on MariaDenmark | and on (Europeans – check both links to find the best price – that’s all I’m ever going to say on that. For the rest of you the price ends up being the same w fees and stuff). It will also be on shortly.


9 thoughts on “Come Lounge with me..

  1. Trisha

    Oooh! I love luxurious lounge wear! When I get home from work, I can’t wait to put on my comfy clothes. I’ve made several summer lounge sets, but still no winter versions.

    Just last night, I said to myself, “Trisha, you sew beautiful clothing, so why do you come home and put on these ratty pants and long-sleeved shirts?” I definitely need new, NICE winter lounge wear. And this pattern looks like it will fit the bill!

    1. mariadenmark Post author

      They feel so nice to wear. I can’t wait to finish my warm and cuddly weatshirt fabric version, which will be even softer and warmer – even though spring is just around the corner, this is the coldest time of the year in Denmark.

  2. Helen

    Love these! I was thinking the other week how I need “sewing trousers”. Something comfy, and quick and easy to pull off and on whilst fitting. I usually resort to wearing my pyjama bottoms with a normal daywear top! Much to my husband’s disgust and my son’s hilarity! These will fit that gap nicely – when I have the time to make them!

    1. mariadenmark Post author

      What a great idea with sewing trousers! I sometimes wear a tank top, long sweater (tunic length) and a pair of tights as sewing wear. But this time of year I have to pair them with fleece socks or slippers – and the look is somewhat ratty .-)

  3. Shar

    I live in sweats when I’m home from work and mine are seriously in need of replacement. I just happen to have a Birgitte Tee that I made last weekend to coordinate a pair with too.

  4. Scruffy badger

    Awesome!!! They look absolutely essential Maria! How to glam up feeling comfy? You’re hitting the spot!

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