On being short..

.. on material

As I told you, when writing about the almost-half-a-Terra-shawl, I ran out of yarn, because I was knitting from stash. The logical thing for me to do, when starting a new project, would of course be, to use some of the yarn I’m selling in my shop. But because I have a stash (= a lot of previously purchased/acquired material, that I didn’t get with a specific project in mind) and because I might be somewhat cheap, I chose yarn already in my personal stash.

The next thing I should have done, when I decided I wanted to knit this shawl, was to look up the pattern to figure out how much yarn was needed, and then combining that information with how much I had of the yarn I wanted to use, I could have decided if I had enough.

But nooooooooo. I was guessing guesstimating, which sometimes works, but very often doesn’t…    

Which brings me on to The Striped Dress.

The pattern I had planned for the striped jersey...

I really really want to make a baby-doll-ish striped dress using ONION 2035 and this lovely striped grey/black jersey. But I don’t have enough fabric, you see.. I have been sewing for so many years now, but still, I often underestimate how much fabric I might actually need. In this case, I apparently had bought only 125 cm of the fabric because I thought it wanted to be a t-shirt. Well, I was wrong, wasn’t I?!

The fabric that could have been a dress

On Saturday, when I had cut the pattern and ironed the fabric, I was ready to cut the fabric and start sewing immediately. But a little drama in the family (nothing serious, thankfully, but I was forced to change my plans) made me put everything away, and then I thought I could have a look at Sunday afternoon.

So I was getting ready to sew up a very nice dress, laid out the fabric on my table and began to think something was wrong. And when placing the pattern pieces I realised that this will be a very very short dress. So I decided to leave it and think it over. Now I’m thinking, that if I combine some pattern pieces (re-tracing the pattern) and lay the pattern out carefully, I might be able to get something out of it. We’ll see this week-end… Otherwise, the fabric might get it’s way and become a t-shirt…..

And craft-wise all I have been doing, is knitting on two pairs of socks. Especially the no-thinking-required pair. Obviously that’s perfect for me right now….

What do you do, when buying for stash, to make sure you have enough? Any good amounts, you always buy?

In other news – I have added a very special offer (only good until Monday!) to the shop. I have 3 reprinted patterns, that are back in the shop, and I’ve created an offer where you get 3 patterns for the price of 2.

2 thoughts on “On being short..

  1. tini

    mmmhhh… I have the tendency to buy “sweaters worth of yarn” meaning a lot. In most cases. But I do check ravelry to see how much yarn others have used.

    Since I just don’t sew at the moment, I can’t speak for that part but mostly I buy more fabric than I need for a certain project in mind but I would also just have bought 1,25m with a t-shirt in mind…

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