Mail goodies

Look what the mail-man just brought me – a big box from Amazon:

My New Lovely Books. Yay!

I ordered the two “River Cottage” books after reading two different posts on MoonCalfmakes’s blog. She was/is(?) doing a cookbook challenge, trying new recipies. First she did a River Cottage Stew that just made me want to eat just that. And later she wrote about Aubergine Parmigiana - and I knew I had to own both books.

The same day, I was listening to Electric Sheep’s Hoxton Handmade talking about Stitch London - a book with knitting patterns of London – quite literally. There are the animals of London (pigeons, mice, foxes and ravens) as well as buildings and people.  I love London. And my son does too. And he has a big non-firmation coming up, in which, I can tell you in all secrecy, there will be pigeons, oyster cards, big bens and perhaps a plane ticket or two…

When I was over at Amazon to order my goodness, I spotted the new Yarn Harlot book. And I love reading her books. So here the are – and I’m in for a lovely afternoon on the couch, reading and having tea and perhaps a cookie or five… (while the Chicken and Mushroom casserole is simmering away…)


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