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Today I took a vacation day (I knew I would be home late after the Marianne Isager workshop/speech last night (more on that later)) and I spend an hour this morning creating a lightbox for photographing yarn, WIPs, etc.

I basicly used the instructions from this tutorial, except I used baking paper for the windows. I am amazed at the effect! I need to learn more ways to fiddle with the camera settings, and to work with Photoshop, but I shot a few pics, that showed the colours just about perfectly.

Light box

The lightbox. fancy word for a box with holes.

It’s a cardboard box, that some of Dennis’ music equipment came in. I cut it smaller and cut holes in the sides, the front and the top. I reinforced the (heavy) cardboard with packaging tape, and then taped baking paper (I could have used tracing paper, but the stuff I have has squares on it) to the sides and the top. Then I inserted a piece of white cardboard – and Voila! A light box – all made from stuff I already had in the house!

The plexiglass jewelry box in front of the lightbox was used instead of a tripod.

First I took pictures of some of my new nail polish -because it was sitting on my desk, and I could check the colours out. 

Nail Varnish

My new Essies. They're called 'In Stitches' and 'SewPsyched'. How could I not buy them?

Then I continued taking pictures of the yarn I got yesterday (will be in a later post) and also some of the yarn I got for my birthday in August

Wollmeise from Tini

Lovely Wollmeise I got from Tini. Very hard to photograph! Took a lot of playing w camera settings.

Iphone pic

This was taken with the Iphone. It's teal manos del Uruguay, that Dennis gave me for myB-day.

I am swatching the red Manos del Uruguay for a boat neck jumper I am going to knit as my next mindles knittng project. Think I’ll go up to 6 mm needles…

red Manos

Swatching the raspberry Manos (more from my wonderful husband!)

In conclusion – I am very happy with how the light filters through the baking paper. I have taken these pics by daylight coming in through the window + a little bit of light (from the top) from my 7W table lamp. I already told the kids that they can make me a bigger (and maybe more sturdy) box for Christmas :-)

Do you have any photography tips for me? Tutorials, articles, tips?? I would love to learn more!

2 thoughts on “Photo light box

  1. Annika deGroot

    That is exactly what I used to shoot photos for my micro-macrame book! I have now graduated to owning a “real” lightbox, but I still think this technique is just as good.

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