Edited on September 14 2013: There is a new and better version of the Kimono Tee pattern released. I’ve changed the sizing a bit and also prettified the pattern sheet a lot!

You can get the pattern by subscribing to my newsletter (see box in right corner) – and if you are allready a subscriber and didn’t get the update – shoot me a note at!

Edited on July 29th 2012, to add a new version of the pattern, which has new pictures and a slightly modified pattern – I trued some of the lines a little better. Also – now you can also find the  pattern on!

Edited on June 5 2012, to add yet another version of the pattern, in which the page size has been changed so that it now would work with all the printer types as promised. The pattern still have a grid.

Edited on May 29 2012 to add a new version of the pattern, in which I have corrected a few typos and also have added a grid to the pattern, to make it even easier to assemble!




After a week of feeling a bit under the weather with a virus of some sort, I finally got to being able to finish up the Kimono tee pattern to get it ready for download.

And here it is:

the Kirsten Kimono Tee


This free t-shirt pattern pdf download contains the pattern and detailed instructions – including step by step photos – for assembling the pattern and sewing the t-shirt.

You can read more about and see photos of the t-shirt and the pattern in this post

Also – I’d love to hear what you think of it (both the pattern layout and the actual pattern)!

If you like this pattern – why not have a look at my other t-shirt pattern (with choice of two necklines and 3 kinds of sleeves): The Birgitte Basic Tee.
It has even more detailed instructions and will be your perfect go-to t-shirt pattern for years to come!






  1. Anna

    I’ve been waiting for this to arrive! Great job on it, looks lovely! However, I have my printer set to no scaling and the 10×10 box isn’t a 10×10 in size. I have 9.9 long and 9.8 wide. I had this issue with another pattern I printed out so I’m assuming it’s my setup but am wondering if you might know what I can do to correct it. I’m using a different version of Windows than you are I think as my print box doesn’t look the same. I can’t find an auto rotate and centre box to tick. Frustrated as I want to give this a go! Thanks for any help you might be able to offer!

    1. mariadenmark Post author

      Hi Anna
      I’ve asked around an no-one seems to know what could be the trouble. I’ll need more information (windows version, Adobe reader version) and will have Dennis (the it guy:-)) figuring it out this week-end :-)

  2. Alexa

    Thank you! I’ve been admiring your kimono tees and waiting for the pattern. I’m so excited to try my own. Thanks so much for creating the pattern and tutorial!

  3. Barbara

    Oh, thank you! This is great! I thought your T-shirts look really good and wondered how I could make one too. Now I can and can’t wait to try it out!

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  6. Lucy

    Really looking forward to making this! Would it be an absolute pain in the backside to request a version for A4 printers/paper?

    1. mariadenmark Post author

      Hi Lucy

      The pattern is optimised for both US letter and A4 size printers. Just make sure to check the box for “No Scaling” and for “Auto rotate and center” and it will be fine!

  7. Helen

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing this pattern. I just sewed my own version and blogged about it. It is such a quick make, but lovely to wear. I think I’ll be making another one soon!

  8. jane

    thanks for the pattern,Ilove downloads as postage prices are now so high

  9. scruffybadger

    I have just discovered your blog through Quiet & Small Adventures’ use of your fab Kimono t pattern. It looks fab & I’m going to try it too (soon, soon I hope!)
    Thank you for making it available – I’ll let you know how I get on :-)

  10. pollewop

    Thank you Maria; I had fun trying out your pattern and found it super easy, well laid-out and with clear instructions. Good basic Tee.

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  12. gilrevis

    hi Maria — i have been searching for this type of elegant but easy knit t-shirt for a while now! i have tried a few times downloading this and each download brings all pages but only the cover shows. the rest of the pages are blank. my standard paper size is 8.5×11. do you know what might be causing blank sheets? i see the cover but the rest are blank.


      1. paisleyapron

        Would you mind posting the fix for this here? I also have the same problem, where only the cover and instructions print. I use Adobe Reader on a Canon printer in the US.

      2. paisleyapron

        Oops. Forgive my hasty reply. I was trying to print in Mac Preview…it does work fine in Adobe. Cheers!!

  13. Linda

    Maria – I have printed off the pattern, my Canon printer doesn’t seem to have a scaling/no scaling option that I can find. However, it looks good, but one question – I am assuming I need to trim down the pages to make the little circles fit together (they are not printed in the exact corners) or did my printer (and the operator) make a mistake?

    Thanks, looking forward to making the T shirt.

    1. mariadenmark Post author

      Yes, you need to trim the pages to make the circles fit. No mistake. I did them like this (smaller than the paper) because a lot of printers don’t print the edges of the paper.

      Happy Sewing!

  14. Cindy

    I recently made a muslin of the Kimono Tee and wanted to tell you THANK YOU! for sharing the pattern. It’s so quick to make and I love the shape of the Tee. I plan on making many more!:)

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  17. Louisa

    Thanks so much for this pattern, Maria! I appreciated both the corner markers and the grid which helped me line things up when the bottom markers ended up cut off (because they’re outside the area that my old printer can print). It only took a wee bit of tweaking to make it fit me and it actually looks good. Yay! I’ll be making more versions, I’m sure!

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  19. Jennifer

    I came across this pattern via Scruffy Badger. Thanks so much for generously sharing it! I just finished my first tee from it and love it! I’ll be making several more in the future :-)

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