MariaDenmark Patterns
e-book patterns for clothes you wear every day!

are a new line of downloadable print-at-home pattterns designed by me (Maria Fabaech Moesby aka MariaDenmark).

The idea behind the MariaDenmark pattern line is to create simple patterns for everyday wear, with illustrated educational step-by-step instructions, making them easy to sew, fit and wear for everybody – even complete beginners.

The patterns are easily printed on your home printer (US letter or A4 size will both work) and are also very easily assembled!

When you buy a MariaDenmark e-book pattern, this is what you get:

  •  Instant delivery! You’ll receive the pattern within a few minutes of ordering – straight in your e-mail inbox.
  • Pattern designed in the Scandinavian design tradition: simple lines, functional and for everyday wear!
  • Thorough instructions for all the steps of construction, including step-by-step pictures – making this pattern easy to sew, even for a beginning sewer.
  • A well drafted multisized design pattern – easy to print at home on your letter or A4 printer and easily assembled, due to corner markings and grid on pattern.
  • Thorough instructions on how to print and assemble the pattern.
  • Fitting tips! (and even more on our blog!)

You can find the patterns for sale (and immediate download) at:

10 thoughts on “THE PATTERNS

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  4. Carol Ann

    Hi there,

    Thank you so much for making your texting mitten pattern available on ravelry. I found it there and tonight finished making my son a pair of texting mittens for Christmas. I am sure he will love them.

    I did add a little thumb “flap” to close up the hole there as I was worried about his thumb getting too cold!

    I’m going to cast on a second pair, for my daughter, and then maybe make myself some as well! :)

    Carol Ann

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  6. Retha

    Hi there! I’m making the Yasmin Yoke Skirt and have run into a fitting issue I wondered if you could help me with? I got a perfect fit all around except the back of the skirt poofs out under the zipper instead of falling straight down. I admit by back side has caused this more times than I can count but I just don’t understand how to eliminate the problem. Should I take in the the CB seam or take in the side seams? Or is there some other solution? I can send you a picture by email but I couldn’t find your address on your blog.

    Great pattern, by the way…, love the zipper installation directions – my seams matched up PERFECTLY.

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  9. Sheila

    Hi – I’d like to make the kimono tee in a very thin, drapery woven fabric. Would that work, even though the pattern is for knits? I’m quite small on top.


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