Who am I?

I’m 37. I love to sew and knit and do other crafty stuff.

By day I teach Danish language and litterature and English as a foreign language at an elementary school.
By night I am transformed into the creative person working on my own for MariaDenmark | I  design and draft the MariaDenmark patterns and translate other designer’s Danish design sewing and knitting patterns into English, and sell them to customers all over the world. I also knit and design knitting patterns.

How did I get into that?
Well. It sort of happened by accident:

In 2002 I started sewing my own clothes, mostly because I didn’t like any that was available in the high street stores. I didn’t know anyone who sewed, so looking for inspiration, and likeminded people, I joined and started reviewing patterns I had sewn. Soon other members asked me to help them get the Danish patterns I used. And shortly after I made an exclusive translation agreement with the designer of the ONION sewing patterns and Dennis (my husband) began programming a shop. And was born.

Since then I’ve become more and more interested in drafting sewing patterns myself and have taken a few classes on the subject. And recently I’ve started publishing the MariaDenmark pdf pattern line, which are all patterns intended for everyday wear with very detailed instructions, making them easy to sew even for complete beginners.

I was taught to knit and crochet by my maternal grandmother when I was 5. I designed my first baby sweater when I was 11 (it was for my cousin, was in cheap cotton, but had nice blue and green stripes). I knit for my own son while I was pregnant, and then forgot about knitting until Tini reminded me. It’s all coming back to me now!

I live in Denmark, in the country side (45 minutes from Copenhagen), in a very old house. I share the house with Dennis (my programming husband), my 14 year old son Rasmus, my 16 year old bonus-daughter, two somali cats and a lot of fabric and yarn.

In the garden I have the company of 5 Orpington chickens. We ate Hugo the rooster, because he was becoming too territorial (he tasted very nice!).

If you’d like to contact me – maybe you’d like to ask a question, or maybe you’d like me to do a guest post on your blog (or you can do one here), or maybe you’d just like to chat – feel free to e-mail me at!

Also you can follow me on Twitter and I’d love to have you “like” my Facebook page.

If you’d like to hear my voice, I podcast with the lovely Tini in the “Twin Needle Podcast“.

I’m also MariaDenmark on,  on, on and on (yeah, not very inventive with the name, I know..). Come and be my friend/follower/contact and whatever it’s called!

If you’d like to know more about me, you can have a look at this interview at (in which I reveal what my favourite word is and what job I’d never do) and also there is this interview at Sew Busy Lizzy (in which I talk about my sewing history and my design inspiration). There. Now you know all about me!

5 thoughts on “Maria

  1. Annika deGroot

    Hi Maria,
    I just downloaded your wonderful kimono T shirt pattern and was wondering how you made the images in the pdf file. I want to know because I am putting together an eBook on accessories for renaissance and fantasy festivals and I can’t draw patterns very well. How did you draw the pattern for the kimono T shirt?
    What program did you use?
    I hope to see you this fall in Barcelona!

    Cheers and hugs,

  2. Anita

    Hi Maria,
    I´m learning to sew with machine and I love it and can´t keep my hands off it!!! I have already even make some dresses and skirts for my girls.. I found your fantastic blog because I happen to be going to Denmark for 3 weeks in August and I wanted to buy some fabrics there. I was in Copenhaguen once and we loved the design in the fabrics for children´s clothes, so now my husband gave me the idea of buying some fabrics to do some projects myself.
    Would you be so kind as to recommend me some places where I could by nice fabrics please? I will be travelling by car from Hamburg to Legoland, then the Lakes, Aarhus, Odense, some farmstatys in Funen, Copenhaguen (city and sorroundings), Helsingor and then a ferry back to Germany to fly back to Spain. So Ihope somewhere in this extensive trip is a nice shop where I can find my very own paraide. Could you help me please?
    I wish to you all the inspiration to keep up with your inspiring and outstanding good work!!
    Kindest Regards
    Anita Martin

  3. Kathy

    You have a wonderful website. Your trouser tutorial is fantastic. I think it is much pattern than the Craftsy “Pants Fitting Techniques.” I have linked to it on my blog! Thank you again!

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