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Rrrrrrrw (The Jungle January Skirt)

I am such a lemming.

I really am.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been (and continue to be for a few weeks to come) really really busy. Book keeping, translations of new season patterns for Onion and MiniKrea, the usual fabric store hours and teaching two new classes have left only very little time for sewing (and even less for drafting, photographing and writing, I’m afraid).

Yet I still found myself turning to my blog reader from time to time and I couldn’t help noticing the Jungle January (started by the Pretty Grievances blog) things that are going on.

So you know I had to do: In the fabric store, we sadly only had a very limited selection of animal print. Mostly chiffon and fake fur. And hidden away in the home dec section – this printed cotton/polyester blend.

Jungle January at mariadenmark.com

Nothing much to do with it (what was it intended for, I wonder.. It’s not quite heavy enough for upholstering. Pillows? Really non-drapey draperies? I don’t know.) but to make it into a skirt. I got myself 75 cm – threw it in the washer and dryer (gasp! I never put my clothes in the dryer) and quickly cut the pieces for a pencil skirt using my own skirt draft. For I was planning to wear that skirt for the baptism of my niece – and I was to be the GodMother!

{Here I am. Godmother'ing Sofie. I loved it!She behaved nicely - and so did I (I think)}

{Here I am. Godmother’ing Sofie. I loved it!She behaved nicely – and so did I (I think)}

It was a quick and dirty make – no facings, no waistband, just the skirt front and back and the lining front and back, invisible zipper, pin fitting, sewing the lining to the waist and zipper, turning, hemming – and that was it. Phew.

After working long days in the fabric store (=no sewing) Wednesday and Thursday, I finished it Friday, and then only had to make the top before leaving for the baptism on Saturday. I decided to wear a drape top with my new skirt, but the blue one was too dark and the brownish one too light, so I made one in a teal green.

I didn’t get around to take any pictures myself, these were taken by my sister, and they don’t really show the outfit. In the one below I had the sun directly in my face and couldn’t see a thing. Also it was freezing minus 8 degrees – so I just wanted to get my coat back on..


{Blinded by the light (and the snow didn't help either:-))}

{Blinded by the light (and the snow didn’t help either:-))}

Anyway. I really like my skirt. In the Iphone-pic on top I wore it with a grey t-shirt – and I think it toned the skirt down enough to be able to wear it to work. Actually – I thought it looked pretty good with the plain t-shirt.

Well. I’m off to do some more translations.. Talk to you on the other side..


On Thursday afternoon last week, my voice started sounding weird. Like I had screamed a lot with out using the right technique or something like that. I have had voice coaching professionally and I know that I take good care of it, so I didn’t understand what had happened.. Then at night I started to feel like I was having a fever.

Both my son and husband has been dealing with throat inflammation over the last couple of weeks. My son was rather seriously ill, with high temperature over the course of a week, and he ended up having to go to the hospital for some tests (conclusion: it’s a virus – meaning nobody knows). So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I had caught the same thing.

But very bad day for it to happen – on Friday I was meeting the students that will be my first graders next school year, and I needed to be there – and to talk to them (sort of lay down my borders for acceptable behaviour from the beginning). So I took some pills to get the fever down, went to work, but had to get the help of my 6 graders to translate what I was whispering. After a long day, I went home, placed myself on the couch and haven’t left it much since.

The males of the household are very nice and are taking good care of me. But I quickly get to a point when I feel ill, when I’m bored out of my mind. And fever combined with boredom = Startitis.

{Color Madness, finished Buzzbees, Light pink ShortRow cardi, green 5-hour baby sweater}

So far I’ve finished the two Buzzbee hats, begun working on another short row cardigan for my friends daughter, selected yarn and cast on a Color Affection shawl, and settled for and cast on a baby sweater for my brother’s October baby. I haven’t knit a stitch on my owls, but picked up the Dragonfly socks, which have been in hibernation since last summer, and figured out how it had become that neglected: Something had been going wrong with the heel. So I frogged the heel, reknit it, and now I think it’s ready to come with me to France.

I am feeling better now and will return to work tomorrow. I have even sewed a bit – I am getting to a finishing point on the skirt design (the pockets have been teasing me – it’s difficult to find the perfect shape).  I hope to release the pattern in the end of July

While I was sick the cats kept me company on the couch – now they are back in the basket

{That’s Pippi on the left (her tongue sticking out:-) and Knirke on the right. Pippi was named after her peep-ing sound she made as a kitten, Knirke was squeaking (Knirke meaning squeaker)… They named themselves}


So I thought, that maybe you would like to see where I work with fabric and yarn and books and paper. I got a room of my own the summer before last, when we suddenly had two teen-agers in the house and my workspace on the upstairs landing was getting a leeeeeeeeeeeettle noisy from the music they were playing. Loud. All the time. And not even the same genre!
So we decided to enroll a part of the dining room to become my sewing room/office – with a door!!

My sewing room is 1.80 m x 4 m small. (5.9ft x 13ft). Here’s a tour:
This is the view from the door. The table is made from cheap IKEA counter tops and IKEA legs. The machine closest to the door is my Husquarna 905 overlocker, then is my Husquarna Scandinavia 300 sewing machine (with the hanging rod with hooks on it at the wall). My laptop is sitting next to the window. The basket is for the cats.
Close up of my workstation. Post its are my friends!

Oh and the to-do list. And the schedule,reminding me to do different tasks on different days. Also note the chopsticks. They are for turning and pressing sharp points…
My machines. Both Husquarna (Viking)!

I love the hanging rod (from IKEA, naturally) with hooks. Very practical. The post-it reminds me what type and size of needle I have in my machine.
Behind the door, there was just enough space for two IKEA Billy bookcases. This is where I keep most of my patterns, books and magazines. Also have my school material here and all my sewing notions. And a bit of yarn and fabric. The boxes on top of the bookcases holds interfacing, lining, yarn and extra threads and embroidery equipment..

You can also see my pressing table (I wrote about it before) and yes, that is the litter box underneath the table…
These drawers hold ribbon, elastic, buttons, prints, needles, zippers etc. I got them many years ago very cheap (at IKEA, of course) and painted them white myself.


Another view from the door. The basket under the mirror holds a little bit of my yarn, and behind it you can just see my brand new folding Super-board. It’s a brilliant tool and I don’t know why I hadn’t discovered it before..
My pressing table/work table. I love how the iron just hangs there ready to go. The coat rack with hangers is one of my favorite things. There I put the projects I just cut, stuff that need mending and Works-In-Progress.
Close up of the coat rack with lots of stuff waiting to be worked on. It really is very practical!


I hope you enjoyed this tour. There are more pictures of my tiny room in my Flicr set.

Parting pic of cats today, not the garden:


Work Work Work

This week, work (you know, the thing I have to do, that pays the bills and takes time away from crafting) has been insanely busy. Meetings that has stretched well into the evenings, conversations with parents after that, and no time or energy to sew anything.
But all the meeting activety has giving me plenty of chances to knit. So the #Stashbustarmy Shawl is almost done (I’m casting off) and I’ve started the waist shaping on the Raspberry. No pictures of anything, today.

I haven’t shown you the cats, have I? This is Knirke and Pippi

These two don't have to go to work...