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I’m designer of the month – you can win fabric!

Hello hello!

I would have done a short video here, but I have the worse cold! All though it is improving a bit, my nose is still red, my cough is tearing my throat apart and my voice sounds like I’m having cigarettes and rum all day long. Which I’m not. I’m really not!

So the big news:



So how do you get the fabric, you ask?

Well you actually don’t just get a chance to win fabric. You can win patterns, too!

Hop over to this Patternreview.com blog post to get the details, but basicly what you do is this:

  1. Sew up a MariaDenmark pattern.
  2. Write a review on Patternreview of the pattern (or write a review of a MariaDenmark pattern you already sewed up)
  3. Link to that review in the comments of this Patternreview blog Post
  4. For extra chances to win, also tweet the link to the review (and mention @patternreview and @mariadenmark), link to it on the MariaDenmark Facebook Page and the Patternreview Facebook page

The two prices consists of lovely jersey fabric you can use for any of my knit patterns + 2 MariaDenmark patterns.

You have until February 28th to post review and links. Good luck!

I can’t wait to see what you make!

Rrrrrrrw (The Jungle January Skirt)

I am such a lemming.

I really am.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been (and continue to be for a few weeks to come) really really busy. Book keeping, translations of new season patterns for Onion and MiniKrea, the usual fabric store hours and teaching two new classes have left only very little time for sewing (and even less for drafting, photographing and writing, I’m afraid).

Yet I still found myself turning to my blog reader from time to time and I couldn’t help noticing the Jungle January (started by the Pretty Grievances blog) things that are going on.

So you know I had to do: In the fabric store, we sadly only had a very limited selection of animal print. Mostly chiffon and fake fur. And hidden away in the home dec section – this printed cotton/polyester blend.

Jungle January at mariadenmark.com

Nothing much to do with it (what was it intended for, I wonder.. It’s not quite heavy enough for upholstering. Pillows? Really non-drapey draperies? I don’t know.) but to make it into a skirt. I got myself 75 cm – threw it in the washer and dryer (gasp! I never put my clothes in the dryer) and quickly cut the pieces for a pencil skirt using my own skirt draft. For I was planning to wear that skirt for the baptism of my niece – and I was to be the GodMother!

{Here I am. Godmother'ing Sofie. I loved it!She behaved nicely - and so did I (I think)}

{Here I am. Godmother’ing Sofie. I loved it!She behaved nicely – and so did I (I think)}

It was a quick and dirty make – no facings, no waistband, just the skirt front and back and the lining front and back, invisible zipper, pin fitting, sewing the lining to the waist and zipper, turning, hemming – and that was it. Phew.

After working long days in the fabric store (=no sewing) Wednesday and Thursday, I finished it Friday, and then only had to make the top before leaving for the baptism on Saturday. I decided to wear a drape top with my new skirt, but the blue one was too dark and the brownish one too light, so I made one in a teal green.

I didn’t get around to take any pictures myself, these were taken by my sister, and they don’t really show the outfit. In the one below I had the sun directly in my face and couldn’t see a thing. Also it was freezing minus 8 degrees – so I just wanted to get my coat back on..


{Blinded by the light (and the snow didn't help either:-))}

{Blinded by the light (and the snow didn’t help either:-))}

Anyway. I really like my skirt. In the Iphone-pic on top I wore it with a grey t-shirt – and I think it toned the skirt down enough to be able to wear it to work. Actually – I thought it looked pretty good with the plain t-shirt.

Well. I’m off to do some more translations.. Talk to you on the other side..


Okay. I’m waaay behind on everything I want to tell you – so let’s just do a quick catching up post:

1. New Podcast Episode is up. You can listen to me and Tini talking about sewing, knitting, our notions, autumn traditions (and a Danish  dessert) and even me talking about taking the Seamless Pledge (more on that in another post). I also talk about future design plans.

{The fabric I want to use for the waterfall party top I’m working on drafting (it looks much better in reality) and a flexible ruler, the one I mentions as my “I’ve got a notion..}

2. Barcelona Stash Enhancement: I also want to tell you so much more about Barcelona, but I think I’m going to save it for the podcast and add a bonus episode as well as a page of links when I get to edit the episode.

But I do want to show you the stuff I got in Barcelona. I think I was a really good girl, and I didn’t buy much, only some much coveted Silk Organza and some swimsuit fabric. But on every Patternreview Week-end we do an Ugly Fabric Swap – and this time was no exception. I got 2 pieces of cotton – which I think will both be pyjama bottoms. I also, as I mention in the Podcast, was the lucky recipient of two of Paco’s faboulous patterns


{The patterns from Paco; Ugly Fabric;  The dark silver swimsuit fabric; My Silk Organza for pressing}

 3.Sunday is SEWING-FOR-FUN-Day
Or so I thought.

I announced on the podcast this week that I was dedicating Sundays to Sewing-for-fun-days. Meaning that Sunday is the day for sewing things that are not necessarily made from any new patterns I’m designing, and not necessarily made for the pattern target group members. No, Sundays are – like I did last week – about sewing gifts, sewing for fun, stuff that isn’t on a deadline.

So what did I sew this Sunday?
Nothing. That’s what. I was getting my next pattern for wide legged trousers ready for the pattern testers, as I had planned to do Sunday morning (a 30 minute job), when my computer decided it wouldn’t cooperate. Long story short, I wasn’t able to convert my graded pattern into a pdf format, and I had to re-type all the grading information for different sizes.
There goes the Sunday..

But the pattern is now send to testers and I’m finishing up the pictures for the instructions. It’s a great pair of trousers!

MariaDenmark Wide Legged Trousers

{Trousers in the make. The pattern and the fabric for my versions}

What had I planned to sew? Well. The amazing thing happened. My almost 15 year old son asked me to make something for him! It requires sewing fleece (which is fun, and which I don’t do very often) and there’s also some embroidery involved: He asked for a monogrammed Bathrobe for his birthday! Yay! I haven’t sewn for him in years, and now I can – if I just find the time:-)

By the way. I’m planning to do a Fit-a-Long and Sew-a-long when the trouser pattern is released. If anybody can come up with a good graphic (or a more catching name than fit-n-sew-along, don’t hesitate to let me know:-)



Yep – I’m back and rested from my week-end trip to Barcelona.


{We told the world at Parque Güell why we were there. So Much Fun!}

I had a great time and saw so many interesting things and talked to interesting people and recorded something for the podcast and I have so much to tell you, but first:

The winners of the Fabric Give Away!

I did the random number generator thing and the winners are

Number 25Angela

Number 29Sewing Princess

Number 4ana5059

Number 10 – Pattij

Congratulations! I am sending you all an e-mail for your address tomorrow – and thank you to all who participated. Thank you for your comments and suggestions, which I will now take into consideration when I plan my next patterns. :-)





Thank you for the warm welcome my newest pattern (The Yasmin Yoke Skirt) has received.

You can find it for sale at Craftsy, ShopONION and at Patternreview.

I am very proud of the pattern – and especially the instructions which – IMHO – are very clear and well thought out :-)

I already showed you the pictures from the pattern, but I also want to show you what Meg from Meg the Grand made. When she asked for ideas on what to make with this really great cartoon fabric, I immediately thought of Yasmin – being that simple it’s great for showcasing special fabrics.

Don’t you just love this? It’s so much fun! I especially like how she accented the cartoon theme by making the yoke and the hem in a black fabric:


Cartoon Styled MariaDenmark Yasmin Yoke Skirt

{Meg’s Cartoon Yasmin Skirt. Loving how the colours of the sky and the building make it all even more cartoon-y!}


Meg also made a more office appropriate version – in a burgundy pinstripe which would fit in perfectly in my dream autumn wardrobe!

{The office version. Pinstripes. Burgundy. What’s not to absolutely adore! Also – The View!!}


I am still not done with my plaid version. I have so much to do before stopping at the school, and with the school trip all last week I am way behind on everything. I hope to get some sewing done tomorrow though !

What kind of fabric would you make your Yasmin Skirt in?


So it’s new season time again. I have of course already thought a great deal about what I want to make (what else is there to think about while I do my running in the beautiful forest…) but I thought I’d share my trend ideas with you too.

So here are my inspirations and the trends I’m going to sew and wear  this season – I might link to ONION (and MariaDenmark) patterns where appropriate…

Autumn 2012 inspiration


The Colours, Materials and Prints:
‘Tis the season for burgundy and purple tones. I really really like the burgundy, and might already have gone a bit overboard in purchasing fabric with that trend in mind:-) The other big trend colour is going to be my all time favourite: The Greenish Teal. What’s not to love.

Plaid is still great for autumn – and the best way to wear it is in a skirt (a-line or full), just over or at the knee length. I’ll pair with cute boots and tights and a neutral coloured t-shirt, and have instant everyday wear style (that’s the plan, anyway:-)!

I already cut a new a-line skirt (from my soon-to-be-released yoke skirt pattern) in a burgundy plaid. It’s still sitting on my pressing table, though, we have had a few days of indian summer, and I’ve spend my sewing time outside gardening…

I also really like all the (more or less faux) leather pants and skirts. I got some brown faux stretch leather that is going to be a perfect pair of stretch leather pants. If you’d like to make the same, you could use a really easy pattern like the Onion 0005 leggings  for a quick result, but you could also make the skinny trousers of Onion 4011.

If I had the lifestyle for it, I would totally make and wear a leather pencil skirt. I might make one anyway – and wear it when going out. I actually might just have bought a really cool dark brown pleated faux leather. It was expensive. I have to make that skirt now…

{Leather-look fabric I might just have bought a meter of. For a pencil skirt. Which is not really practical for my lifestyle. I’ll make it anyway:-)}


Style lines and silhouettes:
The simple 1960’s style lines are still looking great. Both for dresses  (such as Onion 2036 and 2040) and tops.
An easy way to achieve the look would be to make the 3/4 length bell sleeves from the Birgitte Basic Tee on a U-neck or boatneck tee. (In a Breton style or a plain colour to wear with the plaid skirt.)
I’m going to make at least 5 of those. Burgundy (of course) and off-white versions are decided and fabric is ready… rest I don’t know yet.

The peplum style is a very big trend this season – but I don’t see myself wearing that style (all though I might try it on a t-shirt, just for fun).

I am really excited about the wide legged trousers that are coming back. I love the relaxed men’s wear inspired look for winter (I’d wear them with a t-shirt instead of a button up shirt, to keep the look relaxed. But I’d definitely wear heels!). I have drafted a pattern and am working on muslins. Would also just be a great basic pattern.


The cropped style (skinny) pants are also a really cute look. It’s not going to work for me during the winter, though. I’d be getting too cold. As I mentioned earlier, I will try to make my some skinny leather pants. But they will not be cropped.

I think I’m good with outerwear. And the blazer jackets I have are also going to be just fine. I might make a few drape front cardigans (from Onion 6009) if I can find the right fabric, and as a transition outerwear, I’d wouldn’t mind trying a cape (like Onion 6010).

But first things first – before I start cutting and sewing everything up, I need to go through my wardrobe and find out what to keep and what to give away. And then I really should make a prioritized list. We’ll see…. :-)

Have you started sewing for autumn? (Or are you also at the planning stage..)





While we are enjoying great summer weather and really don’t want to think about how soon it’ll end, school has begun here in Denmark (meaning I’m back at work) and I’ve started thinking about what to sew for my autumn/winter wardrobe.

I’ve had a busy summer, what with that trip to France and the drafting and sewing for the new pattern(s), but it turned out – the one thing I said I’d do during the summer break, still hasn’t been done. I had planned to clean out my closet – get rid of the stuff I don’t wear any more (most because it’s too big after I lost the most of my non-smoking weight -Yay!), figure out what to save, but maybe not wear over winter, and find out what I need to sew (or knit or buy) to update my wardrobe for autumn.

So, that’s NOT done.

But that didn’t stop me getting fabric collected (ok. some of it I just bought…) for spicing up my wardrobe for cooler weather:


{Fabric for Autumn sewing}

Burgundy and purple are going to be big colours this season, and so are (fake) leather and plaid skirts as well as classical wide legged trousers. The fake brown leather in the back was a steal at my local fabric store (I found it in the back, and they only had 1.5 m left, which I got for 10 €).  I think it’s going to become either a pencil skirt (which I’d love, but must admit will be rather impractical in my everyday life) or skinny trousers, which would also be really cool. I’m considering – and accepting your thoughts on the subject…

There is also some striped wool for wide legged trousers and some plaid (with light burgundy (the colour shows up wrong) lines) heavy woven viscose for a skirt , and some burgundy viscose knit for a t-shirt or two. Also present is a blue viscose knit – which I’m not sure I’ll use after all.

Have you started thinking about what to sew for your autumn/winter wardrobe?

WNRIP (Work Not Really In Progress)

SO. Can you tell the spring break is over? That school is back in full swing and that there are extra meetings and courses? I can!

This past week has been filled with teaching, an obligatory week-end  course for teachers (in which I had planned on getting a lot of knitting done, but had forgotten to bring extra skeins, so ran out of yarn after two hours), parent-teacher meetings (and there are more to come tomorrow), administrative shopwork (which I like), instruction writing and not much sewing or knitting at all.

Hence the title – since I’m not really making progress on anything.

But here’s what I’d like to work on if I had a minute or two:

{Owl sweater - but still with out any owls..}

Finish the Owl sweater. It’s been sitting there forever, and really, I just need to sit down for half an hour and knit. Maybe this week-end..

{My shirt-muslin.. I think.}

Finish my we-will-probably-consider-it-a-muslin of my ONION 2015 shirt dress. I’ve made my first version as a shirt – to check out the fit and the  look – especially of the self drafted collar. I was going for a more blouse-y collar style, but I think I want it to be a little bit smaller – and less pointy.

I have however been buying fabric (if you can’t sew, shop):


{Blue/cream Butterfly printed cotton voilé. Wrinkled from wear:-) }


{Light rose and blue-grey striped cotton jersey in a lovely medium weight quality}

I am wearing both as scarves. Today I’m wearing the striped fabric. It’s 150 cm x 160 cm and I just folded it into a triangle and wrapped it around my neck a few times. Instant wearable stuff from fabric (HINT: you can do it with stash fabric as well :-)). At some point the fabric will probably be turned cut and sewed into something like a dress or t-shirt. And the butterfly voilé will probably be a blouse – but for now it’s a lovely summer-y scarf.

I got to knit a bit more on the owl sweater yesterday while at meetings, and I am ready to knit the owls over the week-end. I also  hope to get some sewing done – and to tissue-fit my Minoru jacket.

But for now, I have teaching to do and more meetings this afternoon and evening. I’m thankful that week-end is approaching!

Happy Thursday! :-)




I accidently happened upon a fabric store while on the computer between meetings at work this week.

I present to you: Spring Fabric


{Lovely viscose jersey - 1 natural white, then blue, pink and red w polka dots. I need to stop this obsession. Now}


I think I might need to stop with the polka dots for now… The fabric is in the washer – and then I’ll cut t-shirts like mad all week (I hope!) Next week-end I’ll be attending a fitting seminar in Århus. There’ll be lots of hands on excersizes and I can’t wait. One week-end completely filled with sewing!

Oh, BTW. The lounge pants from last week-end:

{Soft and very comfortable knit ounge pants. I still need to work out the negative ease part a bit better. But they'll do!}

No sewing this week. Work and a cute new pink computer (with all the file transferring and re-installing of programs that requires) took all of my spare time..


The other day Anne commented on my sewing room, asking me where I kept my stash(es). I answered that I don’t have a big fabric stash and that the little I have is in an upstairs closet.

It got me thinking, though, and I began to feel the need for a little fabric shopping.

This week is insane work wise, with meetings almost every afternoon and evening, so no time for sewing. But today I had a few hours off and drove to meet my friend Karen at a big fabric store that also has a cafe inside. We had lunch, shopped for fabric, had coffee, and drove home (or in my case – back to work).

I was looking for swimsuit fabric, but they didn’t have any I liked (I don’t see my self wearing neon green to the pool this summer). I did get some other stuff though:

  • Knit Velour (purple-ish) for a pair of lounge pants
  • Chambray for a shirt dress or shirt (I think dress, though)
  • Polka dotted navy cotton for a dress (it seems impossible to locate red polka dotted fabric…)
  • Grey viscose (rayon) jersey for t-shirts.
  • Lovely red polka dotted buttons. I’m thinking for the chambray dress. Will it be over the top?  I wish I could find fabric like these.
  • Measuring tapes.I got four. I get four all the time, but I still quite often find myself searching for one.
  • Elastic and an Iron-on Patch with silver sequinses. It’s a peace sign. I don’t know how I’ll use it – but it was shiny!


Picture of the lot:

{Shiny new fabric, buttons and measuring tapes.}

Hopefully more sewing related news in the week-end!