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Paula Pleat Skirt – Pretty Popular!

So many weeks ago, I released my newest pattern: The MariaDenmark Paula Pleat Skirt. And what a great welcome it has gotten, I am so happy!

Ashley from Craft Sanctuary likes it as well, and I love her houndstooth version!

For some reason I thought I had published this post – about the release – at the same time, but obviously I hadn’t. Well. What can I say.:-)

So anyway… You’ve probably seen it by now – but this is my latest pattern:

Like it? Well, scroll down – there is a special offer just for you!

I really really like my Paula Pleat skirts! And I’ve been wearing them a lot!

I always loved the wide skirts ’50’s look on others, but since I have no shape (well, not much waist, anyway) and am short waisted, I don’t really look good in skirts like that (full skirt, tiny waist, that is).

But I figured out how to wear them, anyway:

Instead of wearing the skirts at my natural waist, I’ve lowered the waistline on this pattern some (3.5 cm /1.5″) (so if you should be lucky enough to have a pear or hourglass shape, raise the waistline by the same amount ( – just add to the top of the pattern, lengthening the darts and moving the pleats straight up – or go down a size) and then, whenever I tuck my tops (which need to be somewhat close fitting for this look to work), I wear a buttoned cardigan or blazer jacket with waist shaping on top.

See? It almost looks like I have a waist…

Do you want to make your own skirt?

Joanne and Ashley already did – and I want their versions, too!

So, since I was an idiot (did you known that the origin of the word “idiot” is ancient Greek, and that it was used to refer to a person who didn’t vote(i.e. didn’t take part in society)? Well I do vote – I’m not that kind of idiot:-)) and didn’t post this when the pattern was released, and therefore didn’t give you the intro offer – I’ve made a special offer, just for you:

Follow THIS link to get the MariaDenmark Paula Pleat Skirt at 20% off! This special offer is valid until November 30th 2013…

Hurry up! This offer ends on November 30th 2013!

Introducing: Audrey B and Audrey C

Meet Audrey B and Audrey C. The new MariaDenmark Knit Dress pattern(s).

They look a lot alike. And they are almost identical twins. The only difference is that while Audrey B was drafted for the usual B cup (as almost all European and most American patterns are), Audrey C is optimized for a C cup (and sized accordingly).


I am trying this because a lot of people seem to be interested in buying patterns for their bust size – and if it proofs popular, I’ll continue to do it on other patterns in the future. And maybe even include more bust sizes…

Both patterns will let you make a comfortable jersey dress (it’s my favourite thing to wear at the moment) that has enough structure, shaping and details for it to not look too casual.

Audrey in the sun

{Overexposed Audrey (and me) in the Easter sun}

I’ve worn it to work in the fabric store (with flat ballet shoes), teaching (heeled boots and thick structured tights- it’s still winter here) and for family parties (pumps and thinner tights).  And I’m looking forward to it being warm enough for me to wear it with sandals and no tights!

I’ve worked  a bit with the pattern layout, and have found an even better way to make it easy to print and assemble the pattern: Now I have included red dotted boundary lines to make it easy to see where to cut and overlap the pages before you tape them together. And the grid lines are still there as well.

MariaDenmark Audrey PDF pattern

{So easy to assemble now!}

What else can I say about this pattern? It’s knee length (I hemmed it a little shorter because I wanted to wear this version with flat shoes, and then I need the hem to hit above the knee), it’s versatile for both prints and plain jerseys (I’m dreaming of one in a raspberry jersey with blue edges). It takes 1.5 m – 2 m of fabric. It’s a fast sewing project. It’s a great dress.

Oh, and you can of course get it at MariaDenmark.com (Audrey B is here and Audrey C is here) and on Crafsy.com (Audrey B on CraftsyAudrey C on Cratsy) – and on Patternreview.com!

Meanwhile on my sewing table: Another pattern draft – this for a woven blouse (do you think I’ve had enough of dotted fabric soon?)


PS. The pattern name, Audrey, came from Vicki Kate, who suggested it in a previous post. Thank you Vicki Kate!


Catching up – Not running behind! And cup sizes..

Wow. I made it to March 13 before I was able to do a new blog post. I hope you guys are still there?

{It's still winter-ish out. But we have started spring inside}

{It’s still winter-ish out. But we have started spring inside – that’s Chocolate Beauty Chili in the white pot.}

I have been sick. And that made me stress out – and that made me more sick. SO I am now doing my daily meditations, trying not to feel behind schedule and practising taking time of in week-ends and evenings (while still making money). I even took up my knitting again. And I started a lot of seeds inside (gardening always relaxes me). So I just want to tell you that I’m OK but I also want to remind everyone that it is very important to let your body slow down and relax!

Enough about my health!

Let’s talk about sizing:

When I did that survey in January, one of the things a lot of you (actually 56.7 %!)  told me that you are most frustrated with in regards to sewing, is the process of fitting a pattern. Since there are so many different body types and so many different curves, you will always have to fit any pattern – even if it’s just adjusting the side seams, but I can do something to help you: I have been considering drafting some of my patterns for several bust sizes, to eliminate the need for FBA‘s for a lot of people. I was taught to draft for a B-cup size – and this is what most pattern companies do (those in Europe, anyway, I don’t know much about the American pattern drafting systems). Since I use a C cup myself, I always alter (or redraft) for that cup size anyway, and it occurred to me that you guys might be interested in buying a C-cup (or D cup) pattern that already had taken care of the FBA? Would you?

I can’t promise you perfect fit right out of the package (still might be shoulder slopes to fix, and side seams might also need adjusting..), but you would have a better starting point if you wear a C or a D cup.


{Sneak Peak of my next pattern, coming next week. It's a simple knit dress with back darts and neckline and sleeve edges. Do you have any ideas for the name?}

{Sneak Peak of my next pattern, coming next week. It’s a simple knit dress with back darts and neckline and sleeve edges. Do you have any ideas for the name?}

At first I wondered if I should just design for a C-cup – and change the sizing of my patterns all together. A lot of other independent pattern designers design for C-cups (it’s apparently the most common cup size now, unlike 20 years ago, when the B-cup was the most common size, so it makes sense) so it wouldn’t be revolutionary or anything. But then I thought: What about those people who wear A or B cups? They would have to do Small Bust Adjustments, then…

So now I’m wondering. Would it be worth my while, do you think, to offer patterns drafted for different cup sizes ?? (I’m thinking B and C for now. Would also consider a D cup pattern, even though that will be more complicated – I just need a fitting model of that size:-))


Come Lounge with me..

Here it is:

{Lounging with a book and a smile}

{Lounging with a book and a smile}

My newest pattern: MariaDenmark 302 – Laura Lounge Trousers

{New pattern Front Page. Had a little fun with modelling this time:-)}

{New pattern Front Page. Had a little fun with modelling this time:-)}

You might recall how these super cute and very comfortable lounge trousers started their life. It was when Gillian dared me on Twitter and I made my bright lounge wear set. I already had an idea for the trousers in my head on on the sketch pad and the dare made me draft the pattern properly.

Changes have been made since the original and I also added a jersey waistband option – because it can sometimes be hard to find ribbing in the right colours. You can even use a remnant from making your Birgitte Basic Tee to create a matching set!

{Smocked waistband. Really easy!}

{Smocked waistband. Really easy!}

The Laura Lounge Trousers are comfortable enough to do yoga or sleep in, but stylish enough that you won’t be ashamed to answer the door while wearing them.

These versions are made with cotton knit velour, but I would also recommend making a pair in sweatshirt fabric (with the soft side against the skin, it’ll be great for cold winter nights) or in a heavy jersey or double knit. Actually I have some fabric for making myself a grey sweatshirt fabric version. I’m thinking to add ribbed cuffs to make them more baggy and maybe some patch pockets… You know. For when I have a Sewing-For-Fun-Day.

Anyway. Pattern is available on MariaDenmark | ShopONION.com and on Craftsy.com (Europeans – check both links to find the best price – that’s all I’m ever going to say on that. For the rest of you the price ends up being the same w fees and stuff). It will also be on Patternreview.com shortly.


The Day-To-Night Drape Top. Wear it tonight! (and get a surprise package)

Seems like I’m always running behind schedule. Well this time I had a proper excuse. Friday afternoon I had an allergic reaction to avocado (and I’ve eaten tons before with out any problems) and went to the hospital for the night. I’m okay now – but still a bit tired (might also be the antihistamine:-)). Anyway It was a scary experience and all this let to the release of this pattern being delayed – but now it’s here.

And I’m very happy to present:

The MariaDenmark Day-To-Night Drape Top!

Find it at MariaDenmark.com and on Craftsy! Oh, and BTW – it’s at an introductory price through the month of December!

MariaDenmark 103 - Day-To-Night Drape Top E-book Pattern

If you liked the free Kirsten Kimono Tee Pattern, you are going to absolutely love this one! This top is as easy, fast (takes me about 65 minutes cutting to hemming) and uses very little fabric (under 1 yard – in all sizes!).

I wear it with jeans and a knit cardigan with flat boots during the day (it is winter here, after all) and put on some heels and a bunch of silver bracelets for night on the town (well. okay, for a party with friends. I rarely go out for a night on the town…:-))

Line Drawing of MariaDenmark 103 - Day-To-Night Drape Top

{Line Drawing or Sketch of the top. I’m gradually getting better at this drawing stuff}


Anyway. What do you think? How would you wear it?

I’m loving this pattern. Also… The sleeves from the Birgitte Basic Tee fit perfectly with this pattern, so if you like, you can make all kinds of new combinations!

The teal top in the pattern photo is made from a modal jersey and back neckline and armholes are finished with a fun silver Fold Over Elastic.

The brown/gold version is made from a rayon/polyester blend containing 5 % spandex and back neckline and armholes are finished with invisible elastic.

And now to the really fun part: The first four people who review this pattern at either their blog, Patternreview, Craftsy or Kollabora and leave me a comment about it (with a link) in this post will recieve 1 free MariaDenmark pattern of their own choice + a nice surprise sewing package!

They are found! Have a look at the posts from Scruffy Badger, Sew Busy Lizzy, Suzy Bee Sews and Darry Do!

Now get sewing! You’ll be wearing your new top in no time! Find the pattern at MariaDenmark.com and on Craftsy!

What do you think?




Finally the pattern, all the pictures and the step by step instructions came together and I am very proud to present to you: MariaDenmark 301 – Winnie Wide Legged Trousers E-book Pattern:

I love these trousers. They are flattering whether you have small or larger hips, because the wide legs drapes and balances out the proportions, as long as you wear them with a fitted top. I love the curved interfaced waistband which keeps in the tummy fluff (or cuddly bits – whatever:-)) And the rounded pockets are just cute.

If you want some cute and flattering trousers too, but have been afraid to sew them, because of the hard-to-fit factor, now is your chance: Join us in the Trouser-Fit-n-Sew-along, and within a month you’ll have your own well fitting trousers + know how to fit your next pair!

I’ll publish the first segment of the fit-along soon, but first I have a 40th birthday party to go to.. See you on the other side!

TTFN ;-)


Okay. I’m waaay behind on everything I want to tell you – so let’s just do a quick catching up post:

1. New Podcast Episode is up. You can listen to me and Tini talking about sewing, knitting, our notions, autumn traditions (and a Danish  dessert) and even me talking about taking the Seamless Pledge (more on that in another post). I also talk about future design plans.

{The fabric I want to use for the waterfall party top I’m working on drafting (it looks much better in reality) and a flexible ruler, the one I mentions as my “I’ve got a notion..}

2. Barcelona Stash Enhancement: I also want to tell you so much more about Barcelona, but I think I’m going to save it for the podcast and add a bonus episode as well as a page of links when I get to edit the episode.

But I do want to show you the stuff I got in Barcelona. I think I was a really good girl, and I didn’t buy much, only some much coveted Silk Organza and some swimsuit fabric. But on every Patternreview Week-end we do an Ugly Fabric Swap – and this time was no exception. I got 2 pieces of cotton – which I think will both be pyjama bottoms. I also, as I mention in the Podcast, was the lucky recipient of two of Paco’s faboulous patterns


{The patterns from Paco; Ugly Fabric;  The dark silver swimsuit fabric; My Silk Organza for pressing}

 3.Sunday is SEWING-FOR-FUN-Day
Or so I thought.

I announced on the podcast this week that I was dedicating Sundays to Sewing-for-fun-days. Meaning that Sunday is the day for sewing things that are not necessarily made from any new patterns I’m designing, and not necessarily made for the pattern target group members. No, Sundays are – like I did last week – about sewing gifts, sewing for fun, stuff that isn’t on a deadline.

So what did I sew this Sunday?
Nothing. That’s what. I was getting my next pattern for wide legged trousers ready for the pattern testers, as I had planned to do Sunday morning (a 30 minute job), when my computer decided it wouldn’t cooperate. Long story short, I wasn’t able to convert my graded pattern into a pdf format, and I had to re-type all the grading information for different sizes.
There goes the Sunday..

But the pattern is now send to testers and I’m finishing up the pictures for the instructions. It’s a great pair of trousers!

MariaDenmark Wide Legged Trousers

{Trousers in the make. The pattern and the fabric for my versions}

What had I planned to sew? Well. The amazing thing happened. My almost 15 year old son asked me to make something for him! It requires sewing fleece (which is fun, and which I don’t do very often) and there’s also some embroidery involved: He asked for a monogrammed Bathrobe for his birthday! Yay! I haven’t sewn for him in years, and now I can – if I just find the time:-)

By the way. I’m planning to do a Fit-a-Long and Sew-a-long when the trouser pattern is released. If anybody can come up with a good graphic (or a more catching name than fit-n-sew-along, don’t hesitate to let me know:-)



It is done!

I am finally ready – and very proud – to introduce you to


{The picture Collage I’ve used for the front page of the pattern. I promise the skirts really fit well. But the fabric wrinkles like crazy!}

MariaDenmark 201 – Yasmin Yoke Skirt !

The Yasmin Yoke Skirt is a cute A-line shaped yoke skirt in two lengths, with curved front pockets. Perfect for everyday wear.
The skirt is designed to sit at the belly button and the yoke keeps any tummy fluff in.

The shorter length, which ends just above the knees (47 cm in size 38), is designed to look great to wear with flat shoes, such as ballet flats or boots – great for a day at the market, for shopping or for chasing the kids around.
The longer length that ends just below the knees (54 cm in size 38) looks great with heels. It’s a true stable for a day at the office or for going out for lunch!

The skirt closes at centre back with an invisible zipper.

This pattern is a downloadable pdf pattern (requires the free Adobe Reader) in English with detailed instructions including step-by-step pictures, making this pattern perfect even for a beginning seamstress.

I have decided to launch the Yasmin Yoke Skirt with a great introductory price  for the first week (until Sunday September 23rd 2012)!

I have tons of more pictures I’d like to show you (including a few goofy ones:-)), but I still need to add the pattern to the Craftsy and the Patternreview shops, I need to pack up this week-end’s orders and also pack my bags for the school trip I’m leaving for tomorrow… so I’ll just leave you with this sketch, and assure you – I will be back soon ;-)


{Sketch front and back of the Yasmin Yoke skirt. The skirt was named after one of my students}

P.S. Thank you to everyone who supported and sponsored my 5K run to raise money and awareness for the fight against breast cancer. The run was today, and I am very happy to tell you that I was the one runner (out of about 3500!) who raised the most money!

I was also satisfied with my time – I ran the 5K in 30 min 56 sec. It’s okay, but in the spring I want to do it in less than 30 minutes!




Today I have released the Birgitte Basic Tee t-shirt pattern on the MariaDenmark | ShopONION.com shop and on Craftsy.

It’s a .pdf download. that you print on your home printerand it has the choice of two neckline styles (U and V) and three sleeve styles (short, 3/4 with slight flare and long).

The pattern is what it says on the tin (eh front): A basic t-shirt pattern, that can be made into many different styles of tops.

I love that I can wear a t-shirt with everything. I made a 3/4 sleeved U-necklined teal version, which is perfect for wearing with wool dress trousers or a nice skirt for work in winter, and I’ve also made short sleeved v-necks which works great with cut off denim shorts for a summer day in the garden. And then of course, all can be worn with jeans…

{A few of my favourite t-shirts}


Can you tell I’m excited?




I have updated the Kirsten Kimono Tee (The free t-shirt pattern) with some minor changes to the pattern itself (changed the shoulder line a tiny bit etc.) + some new pictures.

I also submitted my pattern to Craftsy.com – getting ready for the launch of two new patterns within the next couple of weeks.


P.S. There is a new episode of the Twin Needle Podcast up. Find it at Itunes or Podbean.