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This was supposed to be an FO (finished object) post – but it turned into a UFO (Unfinished object, naturally).

I had finshed knitting this sweater on May 1st. Then it just sat on my dress form while I contemplated weaving in ends and blocking it. Because – there was something wrong with the upper back. It was poofy.

{It *was* almost done. It's not anymore..}

Well. Since I’m not one who considers frogging if there is any chance I might get around it, I decided I would try to finish it and block it, and then have a look.

So before going to see Tini, I got it done and I brought it with me. But it was still poofy.

So, as you can hear in the latest episode of the podcast, Tini convinced me to frog it. Well. What we did, was that Tini inserted a cirkular needle around the bottom of the yoke, cut the yarn below it, and then we started unravelling.

Since I had spit spliced the yarn as I was knitting it, I ended up with a giant yarn ball


And this is what I have now:

{A yoke (with owls), two sleeves and a lot of yarn!}

I am supposed to try to knit down from here – and really, it should be fairly quick (and this time I’ll move the decreases and increases to the side). I just don’t feel like knitting on this right now.

In stead I finished these:

{Vanilla boot socks. Mindless knitting}

P.S. I am also sewing. But mostly muslins for my new pattern designs, so not much to show…






Where I’m at..

or Wednesday’s Works in Progress.

Well, basicly, I’m at work a lot. And while most of my job is teaching (Danish and English to middleschoolers) I also spend a lot of time at conferences and meetings at at classes.

It's coming along nicely, I think

And that’s where I get most of my knitting done at the moment. I knit when we have teachers-only meetings and when I’m the student at lectures and at conferences.

And the boatneck is coming along. I seperated the sleeves yesterday after work (I couldn’t do that while listening, so I knitted some more on the everlasting grey socks). And I’ll get a lot of knitting time tomorrow, so I hope to move this fast forward.

Sewing-wise: I’m still not done with the 60’s dress. But I only need to sew the facing on and do the hemming. And then a lot of pressing.

The dress. Almost done - just waiting for me to finish it. Soon!

Some evening when I’m not tired I’ll get it all done. (I try to never sew when I’m tired.  I make way too many stupid mistakes when I’m tired. And you can’t frog sewing….).



On a lighter note – WIPs

After that former serious post – I would like to share some of what I have been working on instead of smoking and eating :-) Knitting is perfect on-the-go when you stop smoking – and sewing is great at home – it keeps my hands occupied! 

The #Stashbustarmy shawl(ette)

I started this shawlette after listening to Voolenvine’s podcast about stashbusting, and I decided it was time to use some of the good yarn sitting in my stash. Also I really need a greenish-blue scarf to wear with some of my outfits now it’s getting colder!


Made in Evilla yarn

I digged out some Evilla yarn I bought 2½ years ago in Kiel and found me some 5mm needles.  This is the “pattern”:

CO 3st, work 6 rows, pick up and knit 3 st along the side, then 3 st along the CO row. = 9 st

Working right side like this:
k3, YO, knit to center st, YO, knit Center stitch,YO, knit to last 3 st, YO, k3.

Working wrong side like this:
k3, YO, p to last 3 st, YO, k3.

I am going to work like this, until I think it’s big enough, and then I’ll do some sort of edging. I knit on this during breaks in school and other times when I need completely mindless knitting.

The Manos Boatneck

Last week I started swatching in the raspberry Silk Blend I got for my birthday. I want to make a loose fitting raglan boatneck jumper, with drape and a bit of transparency (to wear with slim jeans and a tank top) and I settled on 7mm needles.


The initial sketch and swatch for the raspberry boatneck.

I cast on Sunday evening, and am slowly moving towards seperating the sleeves and the body – working the sweater top down in one piece, naturally :-)


When I had just worked a few rounds. I love the pinguin stitch markers!

I’m also having a few active sewing projects going on:


The soon to be dress 2026 version 8.

Yet another knit dress with neckline edge. I think I have made 7 of these so far – two have died, one went to life with a friend (better colour for her than for me)… This one is going to be blue! The pattern is Onion 2026, which I think is one of my favorite patterns. I have it cut and have sewn and pressed the darts. Maybe I’ll get around to work some more on it tonight.

And one more sewing project:

I am experimenting with making a knitting bag with coordinating toolback and needle book. I am using remnants of the purple dotted fabric from the cutting table. Most of the work is done on paper – I need to figure out the dimensions, so there is not much to show, yet – but here is the fabric.


love this purple fabric with white dots.

What is your favourite size for knitting project bags?